Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Feline Gaze Eye Kohl

What kitty lover wouldn't be enamored with the name Feline Gaze Eye Kohl? This one was! Rouge Bunny Rouge offers Feline Gaze Eye Kohl ($26.32 at today's exchange rate) pencils that evoke the many shades of cats' eyes. As soft as Charlie's belly fur, my Feline Eye Kohl pencil in Calypso came about a week ago.

I was attracted to the unusual shade by this description and swatch by Rouge Bunny Rouge. I have close to a zillion eyeliner shades, and Calypso appeared to offer something new. Others must have agreed because the shade appears to be temporarily unavailable at Zuneta.

Creamy metallic golden moss - Use on blue or hazel eyes to accentuate their colors.

The Feline Gaze formula incorporates spherical polymers and waxes, offering lightweight comfort and outstanding staying power, with beautiful creaminess and glide. You can use the the pencils for precision contouring along the lash line, soft blending by smudging with fingertips or brush, or for building smoky smouldering effects. I even tried it as an eye shadow on the lid below the crease, and I was happy with the color.

Every night, the Enchanted Garden artists get to work with magic pencils so that the garden can transform itself with different colors and moods. Metamorphose yourself just as easily into whomever you want to be today, with Feline Gaze eye pencils.

A darkly elegant seductive feline, a mystical flower-of-the-hour doe-eyed beauty, a deliciously sinful sultry almond-eyed goddess. Be pure temptation itself, as you purringly write your own manifesto with this eye pencil that adorns you.

So soft that it almost melts on application, it will stay put day or night, inviting closer inspection...dancing in the memory of those who met you long after you've left the room, inviting all manner of thoughts.

Oh my, that last part is racy! Let's get to the swatches of Calypso. My photos were taken in full sun, and I drew Rouge Bunny Rouge's initials directly onto my arm with the pencil.

As you can see, Calypso isn't a shade you would wear to define your eyes in the same way a dark shade does. It won't make your eyelashes look fuller. Instead, it will add an element of metallic color - gleaming in the dark the way my Savannah's gorgeous green eyes gleam. It's a green-tinted gold to my eyes - more antique gold than green, although the green hue is clear. Just as Rouge Bunny Rouge suggests, it accentuates my eye color.

I like to wear it smudged upwards from the center point of the lid outward so that the color graces the lash line and extends into an eye shadow shade. It's enormously flattering worn that way. Even though it would be "logical," I haven't tried the feline look, lifting the liner upwards at the outside corner of my lash line.

You can browse and order Rouge Bunny Rouge at Zuneta, which has been one of my favorite sites this year. You can also see Rouge Bunny Rouge at the Rouge Bunny Rouge Web site. Enter the Enchanted Garden, filled with chirping birds and, perhaps, a crouching kitty.

Photo at top courtesy of Zuneta; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Evelyn said...

I knew I should have ordered more during the sale on Zuneta! Oh well, I guess I'll have to go back and buy a liner and those pigments. Horrible isn't it? lol I am enjoying the shadows I ordered, they are amazing!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Evelyn!

I feel that way every time I order from Zuneta, then I save up for the next order. :)