Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Fire Drops Loose Glitter Pigment

I've shopped Rouge Bunny Rouge at Zuneta many times, and I've always passed by the Fire Drops Loose Glitter Pigments ($37.39 at today's exchange rate). I had visions of fairy dust - glittery, colorful, pigments that would spread cheerful celebration all over my face. I was sure they were designed with a younger demographic in mind. Was I off-base!

A sale will make me take a look at something that might not have jumped into my shopping cart, and that's how I came to be the happy owner of three shades of Fire Drops Loose Glitter Pigments. I purchased the most conservative shades. They are shown immediately below, left to right, in the order listed under the photo.

  • Sleeping Under a Mandarin Tree - described by Rouge Bunny Rouge as iridescent golden dust, warmed with a hint of pale mandarin
  • Caress of Mink (new shade) - taupe, gleaming, gorgeous taupe
  • Embrace of Cashmere (new shade) - described by Rouge Bunny Rouge as scintillating light gold in champagne
I went from a Fire Drops phobe to a Fire Drops fan the moment I tried them. They aren't glittery; they gleam.

Adorning yourself with this fiery lava dust will gift you with the playful mischief of a fluttering firefly and the intense brightness of the garden's blossoms' luminescent shades. The formula contains a super-high percentage of pearl, which graces your eyes with a marvelous shine and luminosity, with a weightless feel and absolutely no fall-out. Rouge Bunny Rouge added sodium PCA, a natural moisturizer that maintains the water balance of the skin, to make the texture soft and elastic - and the application creamy and easy. A sponge-tipped wand enclosed in a practical bottle safely keeps the pigment inside and lets it out only when you want it. The tubes are handy, and I love the applicators.

You know that Rouge Bunny Rouge cosmetics come with a charming story. Here's your fairy tale for today.

Deep inside the Enchanted Garden's densest forest, by day the vast Agni Tree melts quietly into the sprawling greenery. But as dusk descends, sparkling fireflies teem around its warming branches. For they know the secret thrill of the Agni Tree, and their delirious dance is a harbinger of the joyous night fireworks to come.

The Agni Tree's roots plunge to the depths of the earth, where they are nourished by molten lava. Each night, the magma rushes from the ground and pulses through the branches, until the crowning blossoms explode in a shower of vibrant molten fire drops, gleaming in every color of the spectrum.

The darting fireflies, smitten with the energy of these molten bubbles of joy, infuse their wings with the thrill; never knowing which hue will appear each evening. By dawn, these swift, uncurling flames of primeval fire dry into an exquisite concentrate, used to infuse with bliss the Enchanted Garden's vario
us festivities.

I can almost see the shower of shimmering color. Fortunately, my last visit to the Enchanted Garden was enormously successful. Take a look at these shades! Unlike the Sunny Spun from the Seawater peacock, these three shades must have been made for me.

Sleeping Under a Mandarin Tree (#031) is shown at the top of my arm. I swatched all shades with their own applicators and took my photos in full sun on a beautiful day. I'd describe it as a slightly peachy rose gold - definitely the brightest of these three shades. Caress of Mink (new, #049) is shown in the middle. It's taupe (or light golden brown) to my eye). Embrace of Cashmere (new, #048) is also a taupe tone, but with the slightest touch of lavender in its golden sheen. Both shades will accessorize your eyes with a vibrant sheen that's perfect for the upcoming holiday season and for glamorous makeup any time of year. They were released with the Beyond the Looking Glass Collection. It was the Rouge Bunny Rouge photo below right that convinced me I needed both.

I'm not convinced that the Rouge Bunny Rouge description does them justice. "The scintillating light gold-champagne Embrace of Cashmere is the new bright light in Rouge Bunny Rouge's Loose Glitter Pigment collection, while Caress of Mink, with its pewter-plum highlights in the scintillating medium taupe-brown, gives a more dusty appearance."

Rouge Bunny Rouge suggests you can wear them alone for a translucent effect or mixed with one of the Highlighting Liquids Seas of Illumination for a very luminous result. Or try any of the lustrous shades with your favorite eye shadow. A dab in the center of the lid will light up your eyes.

I'm smitten. The only thing missing from my photo session was my little brown garden bunny. I'd love to get a close-up of him (her her) to share with you.

I've become quite the Rouge Bunny Rouge groupie, thanks to my friends at Zuneta. Zuneta's customer service, helping me (or you) select colors online is superlative. I did select my Fire Drops without help. The shipping from the U.K. is free to international customers who order enough. I haven't had any trouble achieving the free shipping level on multiple occasions. I've also taken advantage of Zuneta's nice free shipping offers when I didn't need to make a £65 purchase. When I purchased these lovelies, I got a 20% discount - even better.

Head over to Zuneta to browse and order. See if you can resist. I think that's a challenge.

Photo at top and on right side courtesy of Rouge Bunny Rouge and Zuneta; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


The Beauty Bug said...

Hi CG, those colors are so beautiful! I am still waiting for my 20% off RBR order. I may have to order again and get some fire drops, especially the Sleeping Under a Mandarin Tree! I have become a litle obsessed with RBR. Hope your foundation color works out for you, let us know.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Beauty Bug!

I'm a "little obsessed" too. Well, maybe really obsessed. :)

The foundation is absolutely PERFECT. Will feature this week.

nicolle said...

I can't wait for your foundation review! :) I was looking over RBR on Zuneta and easily spent 2 hrs just reviewing all the products. I am curious about the foundation the most. I wanted to get an eye shadow but I think I am out of luck - it's called Abyssinian Catbird. These pigments look gorgeous!

Charlestongirl said...

Nicolle, it will return. Zuneta often sells out of shades during sales, but they replenish, usually in a few weeks. Keep checking!

My new foundation matches my skin perfectly! Not bad for a blind purchase.