Thursday, December 8, 2011

Chanel Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer - Harmonie de Printemps Collection for Spring 2012

Chanel introduced three transparent Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimers ($28.50) with the Harmonie de Printemps Collection for Spring 201. All three offer that scintillating glimmer of Chanel's lovely glosses, but only one offers what I'll call "real color."

The shades are shown above from left to right.
  • Bagatelle (#161) - pink
  • Pétillant (#159) - golden beige
  • Bonbon (#73) - soft pink
Bagatelle is a pretty Easter egg pink. It's fresh, pastel, and perky. Pétillant, which appears to be pastel tangerine in the tube, is almost skin-toned on my skin. Bonbon is ever-so-slightly tinted pink - a nice touch to cool down a lipstick that's too warm.

The sun returned, and I wasted no time getting outside, in the cold, this morning to get some photos. I hope the goosebumps on my arm don't show. The winds blew in a cold front, which blew out the driving rain we had yesterday. December is back!

My swatch photos were taken in full early-morning sun. Bagatelle is shown on my arm at top left. Isn't it sweet? I love the color, particularly since I can wear it alone, without lipstick, to get a natural pink glow. Pétillant is shown top right. It does look clear, doesn't it? It's as close to clear as a tinted gloss gets on my skin. Anyone with darker skin will see the light (very light) tangerine color. I'm actually fond of Bonbon. The transparent, glimmering pink glow is subtle - extremely subtle - but it's pretty. Don't look for Pétillant or Bonbon to give you a lot of color. Think of them as toppers.

None of these shades were marked on the Chanel fact sheet as repromotes, so I'm assuming they are all new introductions. Would I have purchased all three if I had tested them in advance? I might have skipped Pétillant - only because it's so colorless on me. Chanel's new Rouge Coco Baume is totally clear, and I decided I didn't need to spend money for a clear shine.

As I mentioned yesterday, Chanel's spring collection is arriving now at stores throughout the country. Check with your local Chanel counter so they can alert you when the colors arrive. More to come here...

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


Martha said...

It is a beautiful day here in VA. I love the pink but I will definitely skip the lighter ones. I can't wait to go see the striped blush in person!

Dovey said...

I love the glowy pinks of Bagatelle and bonbon. I'm partial to the name bonbon, and think it would look great layered on top of many lip colors--- perhaps including the spring rouge cocos?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Martha! It is a beautiful, sunny day (just kinda cold). It's warming up now, so I'm happy.

I wouldn't spend on the lighter ones if I weren't a blogger. I have too many super-sheer shades. I can see buying them, though, if you need a sheer topper.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Dovey, Bonbon will look fabulous that way. Anyone artistic (like you must be) will find a way to make it "shine" by layering.

lovethescents said...

None are really grabbing my attention. Had it not been for your swatches, I might have looked at them and thought they'd all be for me! Thankfully, I see none are really necessary in my wardrobe :-)

Charlestongirl said...

I'm giggling, Lovethescents...the word "necessary" would rule out a lot of makeup I buy. I prefer to think of purchases as "self-indulgence." :)

Miss Brahms said...

The pink has been an overwhelming fave thus far! It is the opinion of all the Chanel makeup artists in my store that these glosses are fabulous over lipstick - the Rouge Allure Velvet and the long-lasting lipstick, like the Rose Topaz from this collection.

Pretty In Pink said...

I'm so glad that i found your blog and these beautiful swatches you have posted. I am originally from Northern Va...Arlington to be exact..but now i'm in Hawaii which i do adore however I really miss home. Especially during the spring and fall months.

I am in love with the Horizon blush and bagatelle glossimer. Because of your lovely swatches and humble opinions i decided to order them from the Chanel site :) Thanks so much for keeping us posted ahead of other beauty bloggers with this collection!