Tuesday, November 10, 2009

06130 Lierre Rose and an Art with Flowers Event

The zip code for Grasse is 06130, the brand name of one of the most enchanting fragrances I wear. Grasse is a picturesque town in France that became the world capital of perfume during the 17th century and remains a world center of perfume creativity and production today.

My favorite fragrance from 06130, Lierre Rose ($125), is one of those fragrances you want to dive into. Master Perfumer Jacques Chabert set out to create a floral perfume of unparalleled quality using rare and costly natural absolutes, essential oils, and concretes (a result of fragrance extraction). I think he succeeded.

"Lierre," of course, is ivy, so the translation of Lierre Rose is Ivy Rose. While I don't think ivy is in the fragrance, there are green notes. The top notes are Indian tuberose concrete, rose, cypress, Guatemalan cardamom, Madagascar ylang ylang, violet absolute from Grasse, and neroli. Jasmine petals, tuberose, rose, ylang ylang, and violet are its heart. The bottom notes are Haitian vetiver oil, tuberose, rose, sandalwood, and Indian tuberose concrete. This symphony adds up to one of the most delectable fragrances I wear. When you first spray it, you smell roses. Then, almost immediately, it blooms into something much more complex - a true bouquet with a touch of powder on the side.

Lierre Rose is feminine and elegant. Its elegance reminds me of Joy in a sense. It's lighter, though; the green notes make it a more diverse garden. It's intoxicating, and it has serious staying power. A few sprays in the morning, and I can still smell it on myself 12 hours later. I love that!

Here's what LuckyScent has to say about Lierre Rose.

A luminous green rose unfolds in Lierre Rose, a composition that combines the honeyed allure of roses with crisp ivy leaves. The floral melange of tuberose, rose, and ylang ylang is lit up by the warmth of cardamon. The radiance of neroli lifts up the richness of roses, and woven trough the composition is a verdant accord. Lierre Rose is a bouquet masterpiece of fragrant flowers, and you'll become a faithful 06130 follower once you experience this creation by perfumer Jacques Chabert.

They got that right! I have become a 06130 devotee. If you like floral fragrances, you should look for this one. Can you tell I love it?

You can purchase Lierre Rose and other 06130 fragrances at LuckyScent or Beautyhabit. I also found Lierre Rose for $110 at the Perfume Shop online.

Party Alert!
If you are interested in 06130 fragrances, Best Things in Beauty can save you some money - while you are having fun. If you live anywhere near Northern Virginia, you might want to consider shopping at Art with Flowers in the Tysons Galleria. They carry 06130 and countless other unique, hard-to-find fragrances. This coming Sunday, November 15, from noon to 6:00 pm, Art with Flowers is having a Fall Festival. Local perfumers and jewelry designers will be featured. Join the party, and you will save 5% on all purchases by mentioning Best Things in Beauty when you pull out that credit card. You'll have fun too. Art with Flowers has fabulous parties!

Photo courtesy of LuckyScent

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