Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Korres Materia Herba Toning Cleansing Foam

The Materia Herba line is the first certified natural and organic line from Korres. So I had to try it! I purchased three products, and the first one I used was the Materia Herba Toning Cleansing Foam ($27).

I read at Beautorium that Materia Herba features highly effective, natural active ingredients formulated in collaboration with an advanced Swiss skin care lab. Ninety-five to 100% natural and organic, certified by Ecocert, Materia Herba products are clinically proven to boost the skin’s hydration up to 65%.

The Materia Herba line is free of parabens, propylene glycol, silicones, sulphates, ethanolamine, synthetic colors, and other things that purists hate. And no animal by-products or testing. Sounds good, right? It's a soap-free, gentle, and effective. Materia Herba Toning Cleansing Foam washes away makeup and impurities, while protecting against dehydration, free radical damage, and inflammation.

How does it do that? Naturally derived salicylic acid breaks up oil and bacteria and sloughs off dead skin cells, controlling blemishes and purging pores. Glyco-oligosaccharide, a biological balancing agent, gently cleanses and purifies the skin using natural sugars. Natural glycolipids (derived from soy, sunflower, and wheat) enhance the cleansing process by neutralizing the oxidation of oils and proteins, which can lead to inflammation and premature aging. Certified organic hamamelis floral water’s mild astringent and skin-soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits are included to reveal a fresh, glowing complexion. Certified organic olive leaf, a non-oily extract, provides antioxidant protection against both external and internal free radical damage. Centaurea floral water calms the eyes and soothes the skin.

This cleanser is marketed for all skin types. While it's nice on my dry, sensitive skin, the ingredients tell a story that makes it perfect for combo and oily skin as well. After using it, I feel clean and soft. That's enough for me! This has become my morning cleanser, stashed in my shower, where I use it to wash away the night's dreams. I love the pump container; it's fast and convenient.

I bought mine from Beautorium. It's also available at Sephora and Korres.com. Check for special offers!

Photo courtesy of Beautorium

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