Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Brocato Moveable Hold Hair Spray

For me, hair spray is a necessary evil. How I would love to go without it! Unfortunately, if I do, the bob in my bob takes on the characteristics of a flat tire.

I haven't tried every hair spray on earth, and I don't claim to be an expert on hair spray, but I have used Brocato's Moveable Hold ($16.99) for years. It meets all of my hair spray criteria.

First, it works. It helps me maintain the turned-under ends I work so hard to achieve. Second, it doesn't leave any yukky perfumed fragrance in my hair for me to smell for half the day. This is really important to me. Third, it does leave my hair with "moveable" hold. I don't want to look plastered (I mean my hair, of course). Fourth, it doesn't weigh down my fine hair. Can you ask anything more of a hair spray? Maybe shine, but the products that add shine often make my hair feel heavy or look slick.

There's a Maximum Hold version, but I think the regular Moveable Hold works just fine.

I like it and recommend it. I found Moveable Hold through my hair salon, where it's a staple. Brocato is thought of as a "salon brand," but you can buy it at Amazon and many online sites - often for a discount. I order mine from, where they always have a discount. Today, it's $13.50. They have $5 flat-rate shipping, so I stock up to bring down the per-item price of what I buy. I still save a bunch.

What about you? Have a necessary evil you love?

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