Sunday, November 29, 2009

Prescriptives Baked Eye Color Quad

This limited-edition Lustre Baked Eye Color Quad from Prescriptives ($40) is hot! Seriously in demand. Sold out at many stores.

The warm quad is shown to the left, and with its neutral, brown-toned shades, it's more popular than the cool quad shown below. You can find cool at many stores where warm is sold out.

It's really too bad that Prescriptives is about to be kaput. The company line at sales counters is that the brand's products will be "redistributed" across the many Estee Lauder brands. Sure. I know that you will be able to continue to purchase your custom-blend foundation, but how does one "redistribute" a color-based line that doesn't "fit" the model of the other brands? Does that simply mean that other Estee Lauder companies will continue to sell cosmetics? I listened politely, with a mental image of a phoenix, as a sales rep at Macy's gave me his optimistic account.

Back to the shadows. Each eye shade is “baked” on a terracotta plate for a creamier texture and pure pearl finish. You can wear the shades alone or blended together for a multidimensional jewel-toned eye look. I will be a witness to how nice the warm shades look - all of them!

You can still purchase these at Prescriptives online. The Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor stores I visited were wiped out of warm, but Lord & Taylor had cool. Macy's at Tysons Corner Center had both, but I bought the next to last warm one.

Go to this link to see the entire Prescriptives Lustre Holiday Color Collection. Both Lustre Shimmer Cheek Colors ($24) are nice. Actually, the whole collection is superb! I guess they are going out with a bang.

Photo courtesy of Prescriptives

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