Monday, November 9, 2009

Trish McEvoy's New Lip Colors

Trish McEvoy has three new lip colors in her Gorgeous Lip Color Collection. My favorite by far is Gorgeous Blackberry ($25.00), shown here. It appears dark in the tube, but is a beautifully transparent mauve-berry lipstick that will work with most skin tones. The other two colors are Gorgeous Violet, a blue-pink, and Gorgeous Red, a wearable red - not too flashy. The violet and red shades are quite pigmented, and to my eye, the lighter shade, Gorgeous Violet, is more pigmented than Gorgeous Red.

Trish McEvoy describes these lipsticks as adjustable shades. I didn't experience that. They are what they are. Nicely conditioning lip shades - at least one color for every preference.

The blackberry shade is a nice addition to my Trish McEvoy Glaze Lip Colors ($22). Among my all-time favorite lipsticks is Sparkling Plum, a moisturizing, shimmering plum in the same color family as Gorgeous Blackberry. There may be a theme here!

I found the new lipsticks at Neiman Marcus. You can purchase them there, online at Trish McEvoy's Web site, and at Saks, Nordstrom, and other department stores.

Photo courtesy of Trish McEvoy

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