Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Great Sisley Mask

This morning, I treated my body well - or badly, depending on your perspective. I started with the Washington Post, followed by a decadent breakfast of cherry-filled turnovers with mimosas. Then, I took a nap. It was heavenly, except for my appearance when I finally got out of bed for the second time. I looked wrinkly and puffy!

Sisley came to my rescue. Radiant Glow Express Mask ($108) is called the emergency mask. It's actually intended to clean you up and bring back your glow. That's not half of what it does! It also tones your skin, absorbs surface fluid, and makes you look rested and ready to go.

Here are the active botanical ingredients that provide gentle cleansing and radiating benefits.
  • White and red clay: absorb excess sebum
  • Rose hip: tones
  • Chamomile oil: calms
  • Rosemary oil: purifies
  • Matricaria: softens, calms
  • Licorice: softens
Within five minutes:

  • my skin was fresh, clean, and smooth;
  • my complexion was radiant and more even;
  • my puffiness and wrinkling were gone; and
  • my face appeared rested, its radiance is fully restored.
Radiant Glow Express Mask is a quick beauty boost. It works for all skins, but especially those that are dull, tired, sallow, or mistreated. While pricey, it works!

It appears that Amazon has one left at $81.78. You can always purchase this mask at Sisley counters at Neiman Marcus and Saks, where you will find wonderful Sisley advisors who can help you select the products that are just right for you. If you are near Tysons Corner, Virginia, stop by the Sisley counter at Neiman Marcus. They will take good care of you. If you are in DC or Maryland, a trip to Saks in Chevy Chase should be on your to-do list. Look for Gail Sezer at Sisley. I wrote about customer loyalty this morning - I have been buying beauty products from Gail since she worked at Garfinckel's in Spring Valley in the 1980s. Take a look at her skin, and you will want everything she uses!

Photo courtesy of Amazon

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