Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Susan Boyle's I Dreamed A Dream

My CD came today courtesy of Amazon. It's everything I expected - and more! The recording of I Dreamed a Dream gave me chills.

Sheer beauty!

And she looks beautiful - that makeover was worth it.

Photo courtesy of Amazon


Robbie said...

She sings like an angel. Remember the whole controversy over whether she should or shouldn't get a makeover? I wonder what the shouldn't people are saying now!!!!

UK said...

This is a collection of both secular and religious songs ("Silent Night" and "Amazing Grace" are truly moving works), and you can hear a sample of each track on the Amazon product page to determine if her version of the song is to your liking. We will be giving several of these albums as gifts this year since almost everyone knows about Susan's story and has heard her fantastic voice.

This is a classic case of `Never judge a book by its cover' - Highly Recommended!