Monday, December 28, 2009

Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener

The new spring makeup has started to arrive in stores. It's nirvana for a makeup addict. Today, I went to Nordstrom and had a great time looking and buying. Bobbi Brown's Tinted Eye Brightener ($38) caught my eye right away. The new counter display features all eight shades of this "Touche Éclat-like" concealer-brightener.

Bobbi’s Tinted Eye Brightener, formerly available in pots, is now available as a portable pen. Just a twist the bottom to "push" the product into the built-in brush. This lightweight concealer instantly brightens the under-eye area and refreshes your concealer or makeup if used mid-day.

This unique formula combines lightweight coverage with the latest in skin care technology to instantly give the eye area a brighter, more refreshed look. Among the ingredients are botanicals, dimethicone, an emollient, and titanium dioxide (a sunscreen). If you are looking for a full-coverage concealer, you would probably want to wear this over your regular concealer.

The shade selection is great. Bobbi Brown doesn't assume that everyone is either light, medium, or dark. She's so great! My skin is very fair, so I tried two shades, with the help of Chris Coles, my absolute favorite Nordstrom beauty rep. My choice was between Light Bisque, which has a hint of pink in it, and Porcelain Peach, which has, as you can guess, a hint of peach. Porcelain Peach was Chris's immediate choice, and it was mine also after I saw that it would counteract, not enhance, any redness in my skin. Good for this time of year. Nordstrom's Web site has the best swatches of the colors I've seen online.

This new eye brightener will take its place next to my Touche Éclat for touch-ups during the day or in the evening. Working hard can make you look tired! I'll have fun comparing them.

Tinted Eye Brightener is or will soon be available at all Bobbi Brown counters and wherever Bobbi's products are sold online. You can check it out at and Bobbi Brown's Web site.

Photo courtesy of Bobbi Brown


Unknown said...

i like that it has more shades available, though TE Shade 1 matches me pretty well. the only criticism i heard so far is that BB costs as much as TE but is twice smaller...

Charlestongirl said...

It does have 1/2 the fluid ounces, Anna. Good point! So maybe it's best for those who can't find a good match with Touche Eclat.