Friday, December 11, 2009

The Friday Forum - December 11

This feature might be better titled The Weekend Forum because we chat all weekend. I like the alliteration of The Friday Forum, so we'll keep the title even though some of you won't see the e-mail feed until Saturday afternoon.

This poor kitty should not have been left out in the cold snow! Please bring your pets inside, and remember to feed the wildlife outdoors. It's cold and/or snowy in so many places - brrr here.

Our Friday Forum is devoted to what you have to say about anything related to beauty. Are you using a fabulous product and want to sing its praises? Tell us about it! Did you find a beauty product disappointing? Tell us why! Do you have questions others might be able to answer? Ask! Want to talk about a celebrity miscue? Go for it! Please, though, no more Tiger Woods revelations.

We will use the comments for what I hope will be a fun and helpful exchange of information this weekend. This is totally open-ended, so I won't provide a topic or ask you a question to kick off the conversation.

The microphone is yours!

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Charlestongirl said...

There is a really nice Clinique Gift at Lord & Taylor, plus 10% off for Friends & Family. I got some lipsticks from Clinique and a beautiful purple Ralph Lauren zip-up hoodie that was already 30% off, and the Friends & Family discount added another 25% discount. There are some great items on sale!

Fab Over 40 said...

I went to Nordstrom's Cosmetic Trend show today - a fun beauty day!

Charlestongirl said...

Cool! I did learn some things at the Tysons show, and I was really impressed with Deborah Lippman. She made the whole show worthwhile for me.

I just wish it had been a bit more "civilized." At ours, the participants were encouraged to scream, and even when the Beatles came to their first U.S. concert in DC when I was a teen, I wasn't a screamer.

It's jarring to sit among "mature" women screaming in hopes of winning a mascara. :)

Animal lover said...

Please bring your pets inside! If you are cold, they are too!

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, Animal lover, for the comment. I wholeheartedly agree! Not only that, you helped me spot a typo.

I must be typing too quickly. When I posted this Friday Forum, I had the word "you" where I should have had "your" - as in please bring your pets inside. Just saw it this morning. I'll try to slow down. If you see a typo, though, please tell me in a comment. I love help! I can always spot another writer's goofs, but not my own.

On another topic, Revlon has some new colors out. The CVS in McLean had them way up on top of a display, so the lipsticks were out of reach and hard to see. I was able to reach the new cream and powder eye shadows and a liquid highlighter. As I test them, I will post. In the meantime, look for the new colors when you stop by your local drugstore. They're pretty nice!

Unknown said...

That was a cute picture, makes me feel sorry for poor kitty, though:)
I am going through samples you sent me and I have some really nice things to say!

I have tried Sisley Red Clay mask and Givre White Clay mask for a few weeks- yes, i get a lot of use out of little samples. At first I wasnt too impressed- I am used to getting a squeaky clean feeling out of my masks, and both of them left my face feeling moisturized. I was worried it would lead to breakouts but thankfully there were none. Then, last week I was really stressed over my finals, eating lots of junk and chocolate and my face got pimples and red spots. I tried a Givre mask again and it did a wonderful job of calming my skin and reducing the redness. It also made my skin feel very smooth. Another thing I like was how easy those masks were to spread- I used a clay mask from EL before and it dried out and I lost quite a bit of product. These two masks both spread like a dream- I also learned the best way to use them is to massage the mask into my face and leave it one for 30 minutes at least.
Overall, wonderful products but quite cost prohibitive. I may splurge on one of them once I get a job :) Thank you for introducing me to Sisley!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anna,

So glad you liked the masks! I think they are fabulous.

I can usually get two treatments out of a Sisley mask packette sample, and I stretch them too when they are included in gifts with purchase.

Thanks for letting others know how they worked for you. I can only write from my own experience, so it's great to know that they work well for other skin types!

Charlestongirl said...

Here's some great news! It was just reported that a new antibody drug called T-DM1 helps shrink or halt the growth of metastatic HER2 positive breast cancer in many patients whose disease became resistant to standard therapies. With each year that passes, there is more hope that our friends with metastatic breast cancer will survive!