Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules

Beauty rules at Bobbi Brown, with a new limited-edition Beauty Rules Palette ($45) and Beauty Rules ($24.95), Bobbi's sixth book - this one an updated, fresh, energetic beauty bible for young women. When I first saw the new book at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, my lovable Bobbi Brown reps said, "Beauty Rules was not written for you. Think teens and twenties."

Emphasizing natural beauty in the book, Bobbi shares the best tips and tools for fresh, healthy skin and beautiful hair, makeup, and nails. Bobbi Brown's goal is to help women - all women - look and feel like themselves, only prettier and more confident. True to this philosophy, Beauty Rules was written to help young women learn the beauty basics, then get creative and experiment with their look,and ultimately find their own style.

The book isn't just about makeup. Beauty Rules covers everything from good eating habits to self-esteem. Bobbi used "real girls," not professional models for the photo shoots, just like she did in her Pretty Powerful campaign. She wanted to teach young women to appreciate their own unique beauty.

Fortunately for us women of a certain age, despite the fact that the Beauty Rules Palette is geared toward teenage beauty, it's perfect for women of all ages! The palette's box is designed like a school notebook, with lines for the owner's name - cute. What's inside the notebook palette are some fabulous everyday colors.

  • Ivory Eye Shadow
  • Lightning Sparkle Eye Shadow
  • Orchid Sparkle Eye Shadow
  • Eclipse Eye Shadow
  • Baby Pink Pot Rouge
  • Homecoming Pink Pot Rouge
  • Air Kiss Lip Gloss
  • Rum Lip Gloss
  • Crystal Gold Glitter Lip Balm
  • Jet Creamy Eye Pencil

  • Most of these shades are new, which meant I had to have the palette!

    Even though it was "fixin' to rain" (I chuckle every time my West Virginia friends use that expression), I was able to get some half-way decent photos of the palette colors on my arm. Naturally, I couldn't photograph the Ivory Eye Shadow. I didn't even try. It's the perfect base shade for your eye look if your skin is fair, and a great highlighting color if your skin is dark. Many of the other shades are sheer and natural. You will barely see some of them on my arm photos.

    In the photo at left, top to bottom, are Lightning Sparkle Eye Shadow, a very sheer and shimmering shadow that's barely visible under my wrist; Orchid Sparkle Eye Shadow, also sheer, but with a little more pigment; Eclipse Eye Shadow for your smoky eye; and Jet Creamy Eye Pencil.

    In the photo at right are the two pot rouge shades for lips and eyes. Both are pink; the only difference is that one is warmer than the other. I will enjoy both.

    The photo below left shows the three lip colors. From top to bottom, Air Kiss Lip Gloss, Rum Lip Gloss, and the sheer Crystal Gold Glitter Lip Balm. Gorgeous!

    This palette is perfect for your daughter, but it will also be perfect for women of any age who want sheer, natural colors with touches of shimmer or pizazz. I think I'm going to enjoy it! All the shades work together, and they can be applied with the fingers (teen beauty is supposed to be simple!).

    Beauty Rules - the book and the palette, is available at Nordstorm, Neiman Marcus, and, I'm sure, all the Bobbi Brown counters. The Bobbi Brown counters are ready to show young women how to use the palette for a look that they will love: gloss, sparkle, and clean colors!

    Book and palette photos courtesy of Nordstrom


    Clarisse said...

    Of course, this book is for younger girls but "Living Beauty" by Bobby Brown too is for us (=40s,50s, 60s...)and I found lots of intersting advice in it. Did you read it?
    I agree the palette is universal:-)

    Charlestongirl said...

    I think I've bought all of Bobbi's books, except the teen book. :)

    I'm keeping Beauty Rules in mind for Christmas presents for friend's teens.

    Valerie H. said...

    As a makeup artist, I intend to buy this for the info, even tho' ME trying out the looks and info myself would be like "mutton dressed as lamb"!!!

    Bonnie C. said...

    Boy do I wish I had this as a teen, it would have definitely saved me some not so good looks as I tried to navigate myself through learning how to use make up most effectively for me. :-) Beautiful, in typical Bobbi fashion. :-)

    Charlestongirl said...

    Hi Valerie and Bonnie!

    I'm sure there must be a nugget or two in the book for us! Maybe more for Bonnie than she thinks! It's funny that my BB reps in both stores stopped me with, "It's not a book for you." :) With such kindness too!

    Bonnie C. said...

    Oh I'm sure there would be A LOT in this set of items that I would find useful currently, both product-wise and for instructional. I just meant that it would have been especially useful when I was completely clueless and just beginning to learn about make up. :-) To this day I enjoy experimenting with different colors, techniques, and looks, and like you I think all the colors and finishes in the palette would be great for a lady of any age. :-) I don't buy into those age "rules" as much as other people do. In fact, one of the things that I think is so great about you is that you aren't afraid to wear some sparkle on your lid, which usually people say is a no no once you're past your teens. As you know I love sparkle, I think it really adds some nice pop to the eye (or lip), and no matter what your age you can use it without going overboard and look quite lovely. :-) I guess it's true, rules are meant to be broken. :-) Though I can't believe a rep would say that to you, especially since you aren't a stranger to them! :-) Some people...

    Alexis said...

    I just bought this and I LOVE it - the lip gloss colors are to die for and the pot rouges are gorgeous and fresh looking. :)

    Charlestongirl said...

    Hey there, Alexis! I'm so glad you like it as much as I do. Enjoy!

    Bonnie, Some rules are made to be broken! I will not be denied my pretty shimmer just because I'm over 40 (way over 40).

    You would love this set too. It's got sparkle, but its so very wearable.