Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Ultra Shine Honey-Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner

Recently, I mentioned that there are a couple of stellar hair care brands that are always in my shower. At the time, I didn't tell you what they are. One of them is Nick Chavez Beverly Hills. I have written about Nick's products before (Flocker has become one of my favorite styling products - I still chuckle over its clever name), and his shampoos and conditioners have earned a permanent place in my shower. Nourishing Shampoo ($16) is a must-have. If you didn't read my accounts of my introduction to Nick's products last year, please pop over to Part 1 and Part 2, where I explained that I had fallen in love with a man I'd never met.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to a set of products that combines ancient wisdom with technology to make your hair as soft as silk. The products are based on rich, heavenly honey! Honey plus botanicals and natural ingredients deeply penetrate every strand to restore your hair's condition, shine, and softness. This isn't just marketing babble! The results speak for themselves.

I don't usually go around asking people to feel my hair, especially people I don't know all that well. I have asked after using Nick's Ultra Shine Honey-Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner ($18 for shampoo; $20 for conditioner). Those who were asked obliged. I'm sure they were just being nice, possibly thinking I was a crazy lady, but the response was universal: "Amazing"!

I know there are women who would kill for soft hair. Their genes have conspired against them, giving them coarse, unmanageable hair. Or the dreaded grey hair has started to grow in. Most of the time, grey hairs are thicker and more coarse than young hair. I was surprised when my first grey hairs appeared, and my stylist explained to me that their texture was the norm. Then there are the color treatments, blow outs, styling irons, and sun damage (among other factors) that rob our hair of its moisture, rough up the strands, and leave hair feeling dry and/or coarse. Once the strands are damaged, your hair isn't going to feel soft without help. Nick has the shampoo and conditioner for you!

Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Ultra Shine Honey-Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner combine honey with peppermint for a rich, deep nourishing formula that has the extra dimension of giving you a very pleasant shower experience. The light addition of peppermint is refreshing - and who doesn't need a little wake-up call in the morning?

The shampoo and conditioner help leave your hair bright, full, and bouncy. They freshen your scalp and prepare your hair for styling. Both are suitable for frequent use and all types of hair. One customer left a review on Nick's site that says, "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE..." I think she was excited.

Among the ingredients in the shampoo are lemon fruit extract, grapefruit, lime fruit extract, orange flower extract, dimethicone, glycerin, witch hazel, honey and peppermint (of course), avocado oil, apricot kernel oil, sage leaf extract, and jojoba seed oil. The list brings to mind an orchard - or an old apothecary filled with natural remedies. The conditioner shares many of the same nourishing ingredients, but adds aloe vera leaf juice (near the top of the list), a potent moisturizer and great for the scalp.

Here's the bottom line. Want softer hair? Get your hands on Ultra Shine Honey-Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner. Your first use will amaze you. There's also a Honey Glaze Hair Styling Gel ($18) that provides hold, body, softness, and shine; helps your hair resist humidity; and never gets crackly like some styling products.

You can purchase these products at Nick's Web site, where you can visit Perfect Match, answer a few questions, and get Nick's recommendations for your hair. There are videos at this link. Visit when you have a few minutes to learn. Nick is a remarkable man and is so giving - of his expertise, but also his active support of many worthy charities. Nick Chavez Beverly Hills products are also available at QVC and The ULTA near me has a limited selection.

If you would like to learn more about Nick Chavez, I published an interview with him in March. Click on this link to read about his history, his passion, and why he developed his products. You can also follow Nick on Twitter @NickChavezBH or at Facebook. Great guy!

Photos and product courtesy of Nick Chavez Beverly Hills


Unknown said...

i am trying to use only organic products on my hair now, since it has been thinning a lot and i love the list of the ingredients for this shampoo. have you heard of any shampoos that are effective for thinning hair? i have been doing some research online and ordered Jason's shampoo- will try it out this week.

Charlestongirl said...

Anna, my stylist says nothing works for thinning hair like Rogaine for Women. I wish I could offer advice about an organic product. I haven't tested any of them for thinning. Some claim to help with thinning hair, and I hope the claims are more than marketing bunk. I don't think the Honey-Peppermint is the right shampoo and condition if you are looking for help with thinning. Unfortunately, Nick's selector doesn't have a section for thinning.

John Masters Organics makes a Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment & Volumizer for Thinning Hair. Here's the blurb...

"A unique combination of 19 certified-organic herbs and essential oils helps improve the health of the scalp by promoting nutrient intake, stimulating circulation, balancing sebum production and eliminating free radicals."

There are so many years of worry-free use of Rogaine that I wouldn't fear it if I needed it. My stylist has been using it twice/day for years, and she has a very full head of hair.