Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chantecaille Tiger in the Wild Palette - Swatched

The palette I've been waiting for - the swatches you've been waiting for! Chantecaille's Tiger in the Wild palette arrived yesterday. It's everything I had imagined and more.

Tiger in the Wild ($78), a limited-edition palette, was created to celebrate and raise awareness for the wild tiger. The selection of easy-to-wear cheek and eye shades with an elegant tiger embossing should be attractive on everyone. Five percent of each purchase benefits TRAFFIC, an international wildlife trade monitoring organization to help save the last tigers in the wild.

I wanted to show you how these gorgeous tigers look on skin. They are very sheer! That delights me. The "blush tiger" is a fabulous color on my skin, even though it looks rather orange in the photo. On my skin, it has a lot of pink in it.

The three eye shadows are shown at right. I had to moisten my eye shadow brush to make them show in a photograph taken in sun. My first set of photos, with the shadows applied dry, were "wash outs." That's good, though. The color is buildable. You can paint your look however you desire.

The shadows top to bottom on my arm are the palette shades starting at top left and rotating clockwise: Cream, Pewter, and Indigo. Cream and Pewter are - in my humble opinion - totally gorgeous. The blue shade is a very grey-blue color. When applied dry, it's very grey. When you moisten your brush, you get more of the indigo cast. I love having the option!

The blush, called "a flattering, sheer persimmon cheek shade" by Chantecaille, is very sheer, very flattering, and deserves more love than I had anticipated. Shown at left in sun, you can see how sheer it is on the pale underside of my arm. On my cheeks, it's divine.

You can click on this link for Chantecaille's application instructions. The look by Chantecaille is shown below. I don't need the instructions. I know exactly how I'll be wearing Tiger in the Wild.

This palette should be on your wish list. While I often rave about makeup - there's so much to love - I don't often say you really need something. I'm sticking my neck out now. You need Tiger in the Wild! As usual, Chantecaille has delighted me.

Update: I just got an e-mail from Chantecaille with a great offer. Spend $225, and you will receive a free White Tiger Poudre Délicate!

Photos by Chantecaille and BTiB


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know your post has a typo as it says "spend $25" but the offer is actually on $225. Love your blog!

Charlestongirl said...

THANK YOU!! That was a huge typo.

Thanks for the correction - and the kind words. :)