Monday, August 23, 2010

Sofia Vergara's Look for the Emmy Awards

Haven't you ever wanted to style a celebrity for an awards show? Admit it! We all weigh in during and after the shows, selecting our favorites and tsk-tsking those whose stylists failed them. This year, Suave Professionals is giving all of us an opportunity to style Sofia Vergara's hair - well, select her hair style for the red carpet. What fun!

Suave Professionals Stylist Jenny Cho created three glamorous hair styles for Sofia Vergara, star of ABC's comedy Modern Family. Sofia is one of the hottest actresses in the country, and a look at her on Suave's Facebook page will show you why. What a beauty!

I found this fun site while I was looking for my fairy godmother. Remember how much I love the Suave Professionals Weather Protection 365 products that showed up at my doorstep? That search led me to this fun Facebook site.

Suave has three photos on Sofia's page: Modern Sleek, Glamorous Waves, and Sexy Updo. You can vote for your favorite look. You can also roll your mouse over all three looks and watch videos to find out how Jenny Cho created them. All of Sofia's looks were created using Suave Professionals products.

Vote for your favorite by clicking on "Like." Then watch the Emmy Awards show on August 29 to see which style made it onto the red carpet. There's something in it for you too! Make sure to enter every day for a chance to win one of 10 celebrity swag bags. Additionally, one lucky winner will be flown to Los Angeles for an awards show and styled by Jenny, with all kinds of goodies worth approximately $4,500 thrown in (transportation, hotel, and more). See this link for the official rules.

Am I showing you all three looks? Nope! You'll have to go to Facebook to see the third, and I'm not sharing my choice - until after the show (although you could - just use the comments). I did enter the contest. Who wouldn't after trying Suave Professionals hair products?

Photos courtesy of Suave Professionals

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Marley's Mom said...

What a pretty girl! I may have to go watch the show.