Thursday, August 26, 2010

Clé de Peau Intensive Brightening Mask

Last night, I was in the mood for a mask. I had been given a sample of Clé de Peau's Intensive Brightening Mask ($120 for six applications), and it was time to try it!

I had no idea how much the mask sample was worth when my Clé de Peau representative gave it to me. Turns out those two packets had a combined price of $20! When I learned that, I was expecting a miracle mask.

Intensive Brightening Mask is a weekly high-performance treatment mask designed to help diminish the appearance of sun and age spots. Like most brightening products, it's designed to even your skin tone by effectively delivering powerful brightening ingredients, along with moisture, to the entire face.

The mask has different ingredients in its two pieces (one for the upper half of the face, one for the lower). Both pieces have these two ingredients.
  • Tranexamic acid, which is said to inhibit overactive melanin activity, which causes tanning and the formation of dark spots (not sure about these effects on the skin; it does have proven value in the field of surgery for reducing pre- and postoperative blood loss)
  • Vitamin C deoxidizes visible spots and prevents melanin precursors from activating
The upper mask contains what's called an illuminating vital complex, formulated to improve the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and dullness around the eyes.

The lower mask has Clé de Peau's restorative smoothing complex, said to normalize cell turnover and enhance natural exfoliation, which should minimize the appearance of pores.

To use the mask, position the lower mask piece around your mouth and align both ends in front of the ears. Press lightly to fit the mask over the contours of the face. Position the upper mask piece around the eyes and forehead. Smooth gently to fit mask over the contours of the face. Leave the mask on for only 10 minutes, then remove it and gently massage the remaining essence into your skin. Follow with moisturizer.

For "unprecedented brilliance," Clé de Peau advises its clients to use Anti-Age Spot Serum with the Intensive Brightening Mask as a brightening ritual. In a combined Anti-Age Spot Serum and Intensive Brightening Mask usage test, after four weeks:
  • 92% felt the combined usage provided natural radiance, luminosity, and clarity to skin;
  • 84% felt their skin texture appeared polished, firm, and lustrous;
  • 82% felt the combined usage effectively reduces spots and dullness.
The Intensive Brightening Mask is less expensive than my La Mer The Hydrating Facial, another saturated fabric mask that I love, and the experience of using it was just as pleasant. I had a few restful, cooling minutes. I used the excess product within the envelopes to apply some to my neck, so I was ready for $20 results.

Did I get $20 results? I don't think so. This morning, I saw no dramatic difference in my skin - actually no difference at all. I know it's unreasonable to expect to see significant brightening after one 10-minute treatment. The question is: Would I spend $120 in order to experience six treatments to see if weekly use for six weeks will give me supremely even skin tone. My answer is no because I don't have dramatically uneven skin. Anyone plagued by uneven skin tone and many sun spots might feel differently.

I suspect Clé de Peau's Intensive Brightening Mask is targeted toward the Asian market, where brightening skin products are all the rage. In the U.S., there are less expensive options to which I would turn if brightening were one of my major skin-care concerns, and I would find a daily use product.

If you want to try the mask, have a look at Nordstrom or select Saks and Neiman Marcus stores. Ask the Clé de Peau representative for a consultation and find out if the $120 might benefit you.

Photo courtesy of Clé de Peau


Clarisse said...

Oh good! At last one product I won't want to buy : no need to whiten my skin, no age spots..yet:-) I'll save my money for make-up as planned!!! Clé de Peau is aimed at older ladies, I think, either Asian or not, who have taken too much sun and want to repair their skin ( so I've been told at Le Bon Marché)

MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone) said...

I never quite understand the prices of these. I'd love to have a wonderful mask but it would hurt too much to spend that kind of money.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Clarisse and Marcia!

There are wonderful masks that cost less and wonderful masks that cost more, like La Mer's. I am sure that someone somewhere will like the Intensive Brightening Mask, but I sure can't recommend it. I also find it hard to believe that a once/week treatment for 10 minutes could seriously brighten one's skin.

Anonymous said...

I have purchased the mask I feel I wasted the money I do not have ueven skin tone or age spots. I thought it would make your skin feel like when u go for a facial alive but I felt no great difference the money would have been better used for the facial