Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Carillon pour un Ange Eau de Parfum Riche

Carillon pour un Ange Eau de Parfum Rich ($75), a new fragrance available at LuckyScent, caught my eye the moment I saw "lily of the valley." I couldn't resist. My own Carillon pour un Ange (Carillon for an Angel, or Bells for an Angel) arrived last week. I have been wearing it every day. Before I give you my own impressions, let me share the description from its creator, Andy Tauer.

Smelling lily of the valley is always a joy for me. I love the idea that you cannot buy a natural concentrate of lily of the valley, that the flowers resist to any large-scale concentration of their fragrant soul. Perfumers may try to come close to the natural fragrance, but you can never quite get there. Thus, you have to wait through long winter months until you can finally smell their green, silvery, opulent, and elegant exquisite natural perfume. Building a fragrance with lily of the valley singing in spring was a wish since I started making perfumes. Carillon pour un ange is my tribute to this wonderful forest treasure. It is a green choir of flowers. Enjoy!”

With notes of rose, ylang ylang, lilac, lily of the valley, jasmine, leather, ambergris, moss, and woods, Carillon pour un Ange is unlike any other lily of the valley fragrance I own. It is rated on LuckyScent's scale as being a hybrid between feminine and unisex. It's definitely not cloying or sweet. Instead, it strikes me as a modern lily of the valley that expresses its wooded surroundings through its fleeting floral fragrance.

To my nose, the fragrance is a green floral with an edge - the edge being the leather, moss, and wood notes. While they are subtle, they prevent the fragrance from being a clone of other lily of the valley scents. The initial floral burst is followed by a rich, but soft blend that should please lovers of floral and green fragrances, while offering something for others as it dries down.

This is not Diorissimo! It's a more modern and totally unique interpretation of lily of the valley. I like it, even though lily of the valley doesn't dominate. Something about it reminds me of sitting in a leather easy chair, relaxing with a bouquet of flowers, stems, and branches nearby.

Carillon pour un Ange is handmade in Switzerland. The packaging is unique. The box holding the precious cargo is wrapped like a gift in white paper with all the eau de parfum's information. Once the ribbon and wrapping are removed, the plain white box holds the rather small spray bottle (15 ml). I found the presentation rather classy.

You can purchase Carillon pour un Ange at LuckyScent, where you can also purchase a sample for $4 to see what you think of this unique fragrance.

Update: Here are some links to additional sites, provided by BTiB reader Clarisse in France: Tauer Perfumes and a store locator that includes European sources.

Photo courtesy of LuckyScent


Clarisse said...

What a delightful name , so sweet and poetical! it's enough to make me want to try it! I love lily of the valley too but vey often it is associated with Diorissimo (my old Latin teacher's favorite..) or cheap scents, at leat here!
This one seems to be so delicate that I am dying to smell it and you know what? for once it's easy for me to get it as I can order it directlyon the Swiss website; your Belgian , German, Italian, English readers can buy it in their countries too!

Charlestongirl said...

Wow, that's great, Clarisse! The creator has many fragrances and seems to be well-known among the fragrance set. He's new to me, but I'm not an authority on fragrances. I just know what I like. I would love to try more of his.

If you send me the link to the European site for ordering, I will add it to the post. Thank you!

Eileen said...

Oh, how I love Andy Tauer! Every one of his creations is a reason to celebrate. They definitely aren't the types of fragrances that you just spritz on as you dash out the door. They are sophisticated and complex. They are sensory experiences that transport you to another place; another time. Because the scents are so evocative, they require a bit of thought on the part of the wearer. My all time favorite (so far!) is Une Rose Chyprée but I also love Incense Rosé, Le Maroc Pour Elle, and Reverie au Jardin.

Charlestongirl said...

OMG, Eileen, you just spent some of my money. Thanks for the recommendations. How nicely you described his fragrances!

I am totally new to Andy Tauer, but am so smitten with Carillon pour un Ange that I had planned to purchase more. :)

Eileen said...

I'm sure that will be happy to send you samples. If you're making a fragrance purchase, the samples are free! They are very generous. If you're ever in LA, visit their Scent Bar (their retail store) for an interesting experience. They have a world of fragrances and can even custom blend for you.