Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Picks: The Best and Worst Looks at the Emmy Awards

There I was, watching the red carpet on TVGuide.com, wondering how so many women had selected relatively hideous gowns. I hadn't seen "seriously hideous" until I saw Rita Wilson's get-up.

My first reaction was, "Whose mother wore a shower curtain?" Then I noticed Tom Hanks and thought it was sweet that he brought his mother, however weird her taste. Suddenly, I realized the woman next to Tom Hanks was Rita Wilson, his elegant wife - the woman who has always made looking elegant look easy.

Never in a million years did I expect Rita Wilson to earn the Fashion Victim Award, wearing Miuccia Prada (a designer known to test boundaries). This dress, the plastic shoes - the most hideous of the night. At least her hair and makeup looked good - if you could get past the shower curtain. Another women worth of a "worst" mention was January Jones. Madonna wore out the pionted boobie look. January's blue ones were distracting.

My selection for the best? Claire Danes looked like a golden goddess, wearing an elegant gown by Giorgio Armani Privé. Some have remarked that she was too gold. This blond thinks her entire look was magnificent. Did you know that she wore a red-toned eye shadow? It worked!

Another mention should go to the darling Sofia Vergara for her fabulous hair, styled by Suave Beauty's Jenny Cho. She wore my selection on Suave Beauty's Facebook page, cascading waves of long, shiny, and lush hair. Despite those clunky earrings, she was radiant.

That's it from me. There were many other women whose looks were dynamite. Fortunately, there were none who looked as bad as Rita Wilson.

Photos courtesy of dailymail.co.uk and wwd.com/eyescoop


Mamavalveeta03 said...

I don't get Rita Wilson, either. First off, that dress does nothing to enhance her shape. In fact, it's shape-LESS. And I don't know about the hair...it kind of looks like something nested on top of her head! I usually love Rita, but not at this year's Emmys.

Fab Over 40 said...

I about DIED when I saw Rita Wilson. The dress was bad enough and then I saw those shoes- YIKES! They made her feet look like the hoof of a Clydesdale adorned for the holidays. Absolutely hideous!

I agree about Claire Danes - she looked stunning and the best she ever has ever looked.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Mama Val,

There was one woman with a "nest" so tall it was astounding. I don't remember who she was, but her hair was laughable.

I just don't understand how a woman who (up to this weekend) had impeccable taste could leave home with the whole white thing Wilson wore.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Fab,

Rita Wilson taught us something. Always look in a mirror. LOL

I love your shoe description.

Bonnie C. said...

I also absolutely LOVED Claire Danes!!! You know I love my sparkle, :-) but I thought her whole look was just really great. :-)