Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chantecaille Shadow and the Rose Palette

Chantecaille Shadow and the Rose ($79) was a "deal of the day" at The Oprah Magazine. The discount code OPRAH got you a 40% discount on the purchase of Shadow and the Rose (the discount ended August 9). Was I going to pass it up? Not on your life!

I'm on a Chantecaille roll. I want you to see how many pretty items you can purchase to qualify for the free White Tiger Poudre Délicate, a gift from Chantecaille if you spend $225. That tiger is a full-sized, gorgeous palette, and you can't go wrong with Chantecaille.

Shadow and the Rose is a trio of shades for eyes and cheeks. The palette is designed to give you delicate cheeks and smokin' eyes. Each color pan is embossed with Chantecaille's signature rose, making the palette as pretty as it is useful. Additionally, the brush that comes with the palette is actually useful.

I probably haven't mentioned to you that Chantecaille palettes usually come in a silk fabric drawstring pouch, which also gives you a perfect bag for storing pearls! Drop you pearl earrings, pins, necklaces - whatever - in the pretty bags to protect them from being scratched or damaged by other jewelry.

There are application instructions for Shadow and the Rose on the Chantecaille Web site. Lilac Rose Shine Eye Shade is the allover or highlighting color. Bourbon Rose Shine Eye Shade is the shade you use to create your smokey look, starting at the lash base and fanning up and out to suit your comfort level. Or you can do what I do (a Loyd Cassler trick) and "paint" the outer corner of your lower lid and crease with a downward stroke of your eye shadow brush to give you definition and "width." Intrigue Cheek Shade is a pretty peach blusher. It's a little strange that the site calls it Peach Rose; it's a bit more peach than rose. I like the combination of a peach blush with the cool-toned eye. It's balanced.

My swatch photo at right was taken outside on a heavily overcast day during the only time the sky lightened up a little. We had flooding rains this morning, and we may have a repeat this evening. This morning, I drove to work in hair-raising weather. Swift-water rescue teams were out saving people from their cars just up the road from where I turned for my office. I was never so glad to get to work!

Some of the Chantecaille counters still have Shadow and the Rose. I know you can purchase it from Chantecaille online. Stay tuned. There are more Chantecaille temptations to come.

Top photo courtesy of Chantecaille


Robin said...

I bought this with the deal, as well, and really love it. These palettes are so lovely, and just perfect for travel, too!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Robin, glad you like it too! Since I stopped traveling for work, I often forget about the travel-handy feature. Nice point!

MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone) said...

I bought it prior to the deal but I sure would have succumbed at 40% off if I hadn't. Chantecaille palettes are collectibles!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Marcia, I had tried to purchase it before Oprah at Neiman Marcus, but they were sold out. Good thing, huh? I got it for a lot less!

Clarisse said...

Lovely, lovely colors...and another temptation: I guess I'll end up buying the whole Chantecaille stock at Le Printemps:-)))

Charlestongirl said...

LOL - I think I'm buying out the Web site!