Saturday, April 23, 2011

Beauty by Clinica Ivo Pitanguy Specifics Ultimate Eye Cream

Specifics Ultimate Eye Cream ($200) from Beauty by Clinica Ivo Pitanguy is formulated to repair damaged skin that no longer has the ability to repair itself due to the aging process or the three most common factors destructive factors: emotional, biological, and physical stress. Specifics Ultimate Eye Cream is said to "work on deep wrinkles to deliver intense hydration and restore the loss of radiance, firmness, and elasticity. Skin around the eye area regains its youthful appearance."

Intended for all skin types, Specifics Ultimate Eye Cream targets the eight major universal eye area concerns: sagging, deep wrinkles, loss of firmness, loss of elasticity, puffiness, dark circles, dryness, and stressed skin around the delicate eye area.

For two weeks, I have been using samples generously provided by Neiman Marcus. The first thing I did was go looking for more information about Ivo Pitanguy. It wasn't hard to find. Here's what I learned from his Web site.

Ivo Helcio Jardim De Campos Pitanguy was born in Brazil. The son of a surgeon, he decided to follow in his father's footsteps, opting to study medicine himself at Rio de Janeiro University. He then began work as a surgeon in the United States before spending some time in Europe, working in France and England. He has set up clinics for burn victims, hand surgery, and plastic surgery.

His products have been developed in accordance with the best cosmetic practices to meet his high standards. Ingredients must have two essential criteria: scientifically proven efficacy and safety. The plants that provide the ingredients must be harvested in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. The formulas contain no coloring and are scented with natural plant essences to minimize risks to sensitive skin and noses. Efficacy and safety studies are carried out under dermatological and ophthalmological control. In short, he takes steps to ensure that his products are effective and in harmony with our skin and the environment.

Specifics Ultimate Eye Cream is the newest addition to his Specifics line. It features a combination of biopeptides and pure gold that wraps the strengthens collagen fibers to "redensify" the skin and fill in deep wrinkles. While I may not have been familiar with his products, the media has been onto them. You can read many magazine reviews at this link.

Wondering how this eye cream works? Here's some information from the Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman Web sites.

Main Actions
  • Action 1: Immediately calms, soothes, and relaxes delicate skin around the eye area with a unique trio of plants: candeia, cotton oil, and aloe vera extract
  • Action 2: Targets dark circles and puffiness with white lupin extract, a powerful decongestant, anti-water retention agent, and skin firmer
  • Action 3: Deep repair on a cellular level, optimizing cellular function and restoring ceramide barrier with duo hyper specialized peptides and ceramide
Secondary Actions
  • Pomegranate and vitamin E - powerful antioxidants - fight free radicals and UV rays
  • Rose butter nourishes, revitalizes, and moisturizes
  • Essential oils: Tolu balsam, neroli, rosewood, and benzion regenerate, soothe, and balance
When I read this description, I was impressed. The cream has many great ingredients, and it's paraben-free. The company recommends that you use it morning and evening.

What do I think after using it for two weeks? I'm still impressed! I can see that it definitely has positive effects on the eye area - above and below the eyes. I think it's firming, which means it does diminish fine lines. In only two weeks, I experienced smoother skin. I can't tell you that it reduces puffiness for me. When I get puffiness around my eyes, it's from sleeping on my head by accident. Normally I sleep with my head raised on multiple pillows, but I can get restless at night and "fall off." A bag of frozen baby peas for 20 minutes will get rid of puffiness faster than any cosmetic remedy. Does it banish dark circles? Pronounced dark circles are often a result of blood vessels close to the skin's surface. They are hard to treat with cosmetics, although brightening creams can help. Correctors and concealers are the best cosmetic remedy. I'm glad I don't normally have dark circles.

Reader Ava also got a sample of this eye cream. Here's what she said in a Friday Forum comment. "The bags and puffiness disappeared overnight. I can't vouch for its ability to banish dark circles; they are only an occasional concern for which I think sufficient sleep and allergy meds are the only solution." Ah yes, allergy medications - aren't we all on them in the DC area, with the pollen count at a season high?

Would I purchase this eye cream? Yes. I'll gulp when I do it, but I'm impressed. I'll gulp only because I have purchased a lot of expensive skin care recently. Why do I keep getting hooked on expensive skin care? Sometimes it works!

Photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus


Anonymous said...

Don't fret. I am addicted to expensive skin care as well!!
My husband doesn't know. It is one of my only indulgences!

Unknown said...

I have Justin at LMdB to thank for turning me on to this cream. I'm happy to learn that NM carries it, i.e. I assume you bought it locally, Charlestongirl. When I told a friend at work that I plan to try other less expensive products first, she said "you're just going to spend $200 trying other products that probably don't work, so why don't you just buy it?" Mouth agape, I had no response. Still, I may try the bag of peas!

Unknown said...

Oops, I meant DUSTIN Lujan at LMdB.

Charlestongirl said...

Hey there, Anonymous,

I find many women hide their purchases from their husbands! So glad I'm not married. It would be impossible here. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Ava!

I knew exactly who you meant!

I think you have a wise friend.

Yep, NM at Tysons.

RozzJ said...

Love good Skin Care Products.. I might have to try this out

Charlestongirl said...

Rozz, they have lots of samples at Neiman Marcus. Ask for a few!

Mark said...

Products are amazing. I am a guy and use the eye cream, triple serum (which is like your Amex...don't leave home without it). Also have the mask, restoring cream, and the cleansing system. I am addicted. I want more. Neimans is happy to give samples out. Also, they do a free facial monthly using these products.