Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chanel Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer for Summer 2011

Chanel is offering three pretty pastel glosses for summer. Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer ($28.50) tempted me, so I purchased all three shades on the display - even though I have many glosses like them.

The photo above shows, top to bottom, #287 Aurore; #267, Pink Peony; and #277, Pensée. Although they look quite different in the tube, two are remarkably similar on the lips. Each is a pretty pastel, and each takes its tint from a different color family. Aurore appears to be a pink-toned nude. Pink Peony looks pure pink. Pensée appears to be a bold peach. All three apply as pastels, and all are gorgeous lipstick toppers.

My swatch photo was taken in outdoor sunlight. I think it shows the colors adequately. All were applied straight from the doe-foot applicator onto my arm. They were swatched, top to bottom in the same order shown above: #287 Aurore (the dawn); #267, Pink Peony; and #277, Pensée (pansy). Aurore imparts very light pink color, but if you look closely, it is a rainbow of color in an almost clear pink base. I don't think you will be able to see that in this photo. It's obvious when you look at it in strong lighting. The name Aurore is perfect!

Despite its medium color in the tube, Pink Peony is a light rose pink on the lips - a perfect spring color. I was surprised with Pensée. Despite its coral appearance in the tube, it's really a peach-tinged pink - or pink-tinged peach. It's a flattering shade that I think we'll all be able to wear a lot.

My photos of this Chanel collection won't win any awards. When sunlight isn't bright, my old (trusty) Sony camera doesn't get the resolution I would prefer. I do think the color renderings are accurate. I strove for color over sharpness - and, given the clouds over the weekend, photos over no photos. This is the year I plan to buy a new DSLR camera. I think I would have purchased one already, if only I could make up my mind which one!

Depending on your lip gloss inventory (is it huge?), I think you will want to check out these beauties. In my area, the collection has arrived at Saks Chevy Chase and Neiman Marcus Tysons and Neiman Marcus Mazza in the DC area, and InCircle starts this week. I was at Nordstrom Tysons and Bloomindale's Tysons Sunday; it wasn't on display at either of those stores yet. Be assured, it will arrive everywhere soon.

I did cave on the waterproof eyeliner. I have one more piece to show you, the Rose Platine liner. Beyond that, I have now featured everything I purchased from Chanel's Summer 2010 Collection. Did you see anything you can't live without?

Photos by BTiB


Laetitia said...

I love how you wrote that you bought all three colors despite the fact you already have similar ones -- I can sympathize! I think I went a bit mad with the Guerlain Automatiques . . . At least they are more cost-effective than Le Rouge G. Knowing that you seem to like Chantecaille as much as I do, I noticed that Saks has a lovely GWP online that includes a sample of the new biodynamic serum.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Laetitia!

Aren't we such addicts? Thanks for the news on the Saks GWP. I wish my Saks had Chantecaille!