Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Whether it's a holy day for you or a holiday opportunity to celebrate with friends and family, I hope you enjoy your day.

I saw my Easter bunny recently. My garden is often populated with darling bunnies. They do a great job munching on weeds - and the occasional herb. I hadn't seen one in months (because I was inside so much this winter?), but last week, a big bunny was out and about. I guess someone told him it was Easter. I hope he lays low when the foxes are around.

I wish hats were in style around here. They seem like the perfect accessory for Easter. Fancy hats are still appreciated in the United Kingdom, within the African-American community, and in the deep South. They know how to wear hats! I love seeing the ladies, all decked out in their pastel outfits, wearing coordinating hats to church on Easter Sunday. These days, many of us wear wide-brimmed hats to garden or at the beach to keep the sun off our faces. You can't even find fine, fancy hats in the stores - the kind Kate Middleton has been photographed wearing. Am I alone in my wish for a resurgence of fashionable hats?

We will be eating my mother's favorite Easter meal today: ham with all the usual sides. Think I'll break out a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate spring and the rebirth of nature's beauty.

Enjoy the day!

Photo courtesy of Southern Living


lovethescents said...

A very happy and peaceful Easter to you, Charlestongirl! Enjoy the ham. We'll enjoy lamb with asparagus, etc, and of course, an egg hunt. I'll be doing it all in DelRae's Debut to welcome spring!

Radhika said...

Happy Easter to you :) :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lovethescents and Rads!

Happy Easter to you both! I hope you have a lovely day. The sun came out here, so it's glorious outside.

Eileen said...

Break out that champagne, Charlestongirl.  Here's to an Easter filled with the sheer joy of being alive, renewal of the spirit, and the loving companionship of friends and family.  Oh, yes!  And the Easter Bunny--can't forget the Easter Bunny!!!  So, here's also wishing you a basket overflowing with treats  :-) 

Charlestongirl said...

Eileen, we were just tweeting about you! My blogger friends and I love you! You write such superb, insightful comments.

Hope the bunny leaves you happy and healthy today!