Wednesday, April 27, 2011

M·A·C Prep + Prime Highlighter in Light Boost

Another Touche Éclat clone! That's how I think about every pen highlighter that's introduced. It's not fair, really, because some of the clones are much better than others. YSL scored big time with Touche Éclat. Every company wants to grow up to be YSL - at least with a pen highlighter.

M·A·C's new Prep + Prime Highlighter in Light Boost ($23), the lightest of three shades offered, is a pen-style highlighter that adds a soft sheer wash of illuminating color to the skin. With its precision pen-style applicator, it adds radiance exactly where you want it, and blends smoothly for cushion-soft wear. You can use it over makeup for highlights, touch-ups, or under makeup to brighten and prime.

I actually like it, so perhaps I shouldn't have started my feature with a comparison to the unparalleled Touche Éclat. The $23 price is attractive, and the highlighter is nice. It blends well and adds a yellow-gold highlight to my skin - no striking shimmer, just a light-reflecting glow. I think it would be a great dual purpose pen to carry in your handbag: concealer and highlighter in one.

Here's a swatch photo of Light Boost, with the unblended shade at the top and a blended shade below. It was taken in full sun. I hope you can see that Light Boost adds a yellow-gold tint to my skin.

There are two other shades: Bright Forecast (peachy) and Radiant Rose (pink). I think I selected the best shade for my skin, but I'd love to see the others. I purchased mine online, so I had no opportunity to play with the others.

You can find M·A·C's Prep + Prime Highlighter at M·A·C's Web site and M·A·C counters.

Photo at top courtesy of M·A·C


Laurie said...

Great review -- I completely agree with you! Funny enough, I posted my review today too of the Light Boost and Radiant Rose. I really like them, they surprised me!

Charlestongirl said...

Oooh, Laurie, I have to go read! Just got home from work.