Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Clinique CX Neck & Chest De-Aging Cream

Clinique has a winner with its CX Neck & Chest De-Aging Cream ($110). I was recently turned on to the value of neck creams. I had always used whatever moisturizer I was using on my face on my neck too. One neck product I really liked turned me to the idea of using a product targeted to the neck and chest. So, I jumped at the chance to try Clinique's CX Neck & Chest De-Aging Cream when Alexandra Tuluceanu at Neiman Marcus at Tysons Galleria offered me some very generous samples (enough to last for months).

While I'm mentioning Alexandra Tuluceanu, I want you to know that she is a dynamite representative for Clinique. Knowledgeable, but not at all pushy, she can size up your skin-care needs in a heartbeat and recommend some great options for you. Because Clinique's price points are so good, it's pretty hard to resist - even the more expensive CX line. She is so professional.

Clinique says that within four weeks, you will notice measurable results from using this cream. I disagree. The change is much faster! The product works by rebuilding the natural collagen cushion, and it makes sense that a change in collagen would take that long. There's something about this cream that produces visible results in a week - and that's for someone who always uses a moisturizer and treatment product on her neck.

This densely hydrating and luxurious cream delivers a potent de-aging stimulus to the skin.
  • Visibly firms and tightens
  • Horizontal lines on the neck and vertical lines on the chest are less visible
  • Skin looks smoother and brighter
The cream was designed for all skin types, and my skin slurped it up. It absorbs quickly, leaving behind no residue to stain or harm one's clothing during the day, yet leaves the skin feeling moisturized and soft. Neck creams are supposed to be light so that they don't exert a downward pull on the delicate skin on the neck. This one is. It even has a very pleasant cooling effect. That's lovely for anyone suffering from hot flashes!

What's in it? A who's who of skin-care ingredients, including many natural ingredients make this cream a stunner. It has jojoba seed oil, beeswax, glycerin, green tea leaf extract, St. Paul's work extract, birch extract, wheat germ extract, and many more botanical and scientifically proven ingredients (such as hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C). The list is long. It doesn't include retinol (yea!). As with all Clinique products, it was allergy-tested and is fragrance-free.

Clinique advises to apply CX Neck & Chest De-Aging Cream day and night, smoothing over neck and chest in an upward motion. I use circular movements, but I seldom follow those upward movement recommendations. If it glides onto my skin, as this cream does, I use a light hand, and I doubt my application is pulling on the skin of my neck. The company reminds us to make daily sunscreen a habit to help stall visible aging and UV-induced damage to aging skin.

Once you notice lines on your neck, you'll be motivated to use a hydrating and treatment product on your neck. If you start to see lines forming on the upper chest area, you'll be doubly motivated. The lines aren't necessarily there all the time, but frightening when you see them. Why not start to use a product to prevent them? That product must improve elasticity while it builds collagen in the cells of the skin. Use this cream and the horizontal lines on the neck and vertical lines on the chest appear to "fill in." Your skin will look smoother, brighter, and more even-toned. Maybe it will take a month. Maybe you'll see a difference more quickly, as I did (a friend too). I want to hug Alexandra. I will next time I see her.

You can purchase Clinique CX Neck & Chest De-Aging Cream at Clinique counters, including Neiman Marcus, everywhere.

Photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus


Miss Brahms said...

This neck and chest cream is AMAZING. Just this morning I had those horrible chest lines from sleeping on my side and I applied the cream after I got out of the shower, and by the time I put my scoopneck tee on they were plumped out and gone - thanks to the hyaluronic acid, I'm guessing! I love creams that work both instantly and over time to re-plump and hydrate the delicate and too-often neglected neck and decollte! You can always tell a woman's age by her neck and chest, even if she has a flawless face. This cream is not sticky nor heavy, so as not to drag down the delicate skin of the neck, which has way fewer pores and density of the facial skin, and the vitamin c will help to lighten any of those sun spots you have on your chest! Clinique is offering a FANTASTIC GWP for InCircle April 14-17th at my store, Neiman Marcus, a great cosmetic carry-case with luxury travel sizes of Clinique bestsellers. This neck cream would be a great buy!!! :)

JoElla said...

Great reivew on this. But I must say I was shocked that Clinique put out such a high priced product.

How long do you think this would last?

I also had no idea that a 'heavier' cream would drag down the skin. I guess I really need to rethink my neck creams now.

I am very curious about this product, but just don't know about the price.

Eileen said...

Downward pull on the neck? Clinique has got to be kidding! A heavier cream applied in upward strokes won't do any more "damage" than will a lighter cream applied in upward strokes. What on earth does Clinique think GRAVITY is doing all day long? And, it exerts a much stronger downward pull than any cream you could ever possibly imagine.

I really dislike pseudo-scientific explanations. Why not just say that a cream doesn't have to be heavy to be effective and that they have created an ultra light and comfortable cream that does a great job of hydrating, lifting, and firming.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, JoElla!

Clinique's CX line is literally packed with expensive ingredients and is considered "high-performance" skin care. The price will not go down. It's the Audi vs. Volkswagon comparison.

Clinique's price for this cream is still so much less than its high-end competitors, I think it's reasonable.

The jar is huge, and it will last a long time.

The theory is that a heavy cream will pull down your skin. I am not sure I buy into that, but I have noticed that my favorite neck creams are lighter than my favorite face creams. I haven't taken the time to read the science behind this theory. I accept that it's true since so many reputable skin-care companies make it. Gimmick? You be the judge.

Charlestongirl said...

Eileen, I agree, it's a hard argument to accept. I haven't had time to research it. Obviously, I'm not convinced by the stroke direction either since I use gentle circular strokes. Aestheticians, however, agree with the stroke direction. Maybe when I can master ingredient science, I can move on to massage science. :)

I always used the same product on my face and neck - until recently. Now that I have some wrinkles in my neck, I'm trying creams that target them, and I'm extremely happy with them.

This product left me gushing, with its wonderful ingredients. Maybe I should try it on my face? :)

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Miss Brahms! I can't wait for all the GWPs next week!

Laetitia said...

After receiving a nice 15 ml sample of this cream at NM, I've been trying and liking it too! The only ingredient that gives me pause is the petrolatum, but I think with EL and its sister companies its either too much dimethicone or too much petrolatum. I'm torn between buying a full-size of this or another jar of Chantecaille biodynamic neck (for me, the Chantecaille provides less attention to wrinkles, but is more toning and moisturizing).

Me said...

Excellent review! I loved Clinique skincare in my early 20s, and now that I am in my 40s, I am finding that a lot of it still works. I have been looking for a neck cream that doesn't smell like putrefying fish (Perricone, I'm looking at you), and this is certainly worth investigating. Thanks for the lemming!

Charlestongirl said...

That is so funny, Zuzu's Petals!

Some of Perricone's products do smell like fish. It's awful. A friend gave me Cold Plasma Body, and I can't wear it. Who wants to smell like a fish shop?

I really love Cold Plasma Eye, but my jar went bad after my surgery, and I had to throw it out. I guess it turns to fish after awhile.

Charlestongirl said...

Oh Laetitia, that's a tough choice. Both neck creams are fab.

Steve said...

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Charlestongirl said...

Hi Steve!

Interesting information. Thanks! Thanks for checking in too. :)

Joolz said...

I am definitely seeing lines on my neck. It's quite unnerving in my late 40s, even though I don't feel my age. :( Will definitely look into this! Thanks!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Joolz,

The lines ARE really frustrated. It seems like they sneak up on us. I wish I had started prevention when I was in my 20s!