Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekend Roundup - April 2

This was a good week for beauty, from spring's daffodils to our pursuit of the latest and greatest beauty products. Come along with us on a spring tour.

Gaia at The Non-Blonde showed us La Prairie's gorgeous Quiet Berry Cellular Luxe Lip Colour - a shade that will flatter many of us. We also got a peek at Quiet Plum.

Amy continues to dazzle us with features from Paris. This week, she showed us Dior's Mitzah Collection at Café Makeup.

Sabrina's jaw dropped when she saw the new Dior Addict collection. Definitely check in at The Beauty Look Book to find out what's new.

See more of Dior Addict at Fab over Forty! Kari showed the lineup - one you're going to love. I do. I have bought more colors of Dior Addict than any other lipstick line ever.

There was a new eye shadow alert here at Best Things in Beauty, featuring YSL Beauté's Metal Eyes Collection - Pure Chromatics Wet and Dry Eye Shadows.

Puredistance 1, a "serious perfume," has been well received by the perfume world. Jane was smitten too. Head over to Daly Beauty to find out why.

Who doesn't love a sale? Chelsea gave us the 411 on Ulta's sale, with some recommendations. Pop over to BeautyXposé to see some makeup you might consider.

Kelly is fearless. She tried an intense pulsed light treatment. Find out how she fared at Gouldylox Reviews.

Want to see another alternative to the knife? How about chin exercises. Debbi at DivaDebbi swears they work.

Like those classy high-shine nails? Take a look at the China Glaze Island Escape Collection with Carla at Product Girl.

Have we tempted you? Happy shopping!


Miss Brahms said...

Can't wait to shop with you today! Let's go shake up the beauty floor.

Charlestongirl said...

I will see you in 15-20 minutes, Miss B!