Thursday, April 14, 2011

KateCeuticals Multi-Active Repair Lifting & Lineless Cream

Recently launched, Kate Somerville's KateCeuticals Multi-Active Repair Lifting & Lineless Cream ($195) is a Neiman Marcus exclusive. Multi-Active Repair is a potent anti-aging moisturizer, formulated with a proprietary blend of collagen-building peptides to effectively tighten and lift sagging skin.
  • The moisture extracts in the formula immediately repair the skin's lipid barrier to enhance moisture content, providing instant dryness relief and a proven long-term increase in skin hydration levels.
  • A combination of volumizers helps to plump up the skin from within for a lifted look while dramatically reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It's fueled by something called Chromocare to visibly even and rejuvenate the complexion, improving skin uniformity.
  • A unique brightening complex adds a healthy, natural radiance for an immediately brighter and even-textured skin tone.
I wish I knew a lot more about it because I love it. I tested it before the last moisturizer I featured, and it's fabulous. What else would you expect from Kate Somerville?

I love everything about this treatment moisturizer: the dispenser (press on the lid, and up pops the cream you will use - protects the rest of the product from contamination); the texture; the lack of any strong fragrance (but what's there is pleasing); the moisturizing effects; and, I hope, the coming of younger-looking skin. I'm ever hopeful. For now, I can tell you that it feels exceptionally nice and is definitely protective.

I have very dry skin most of the year. In the middle of summer, it's only dry. This treatment moisturizer seems like it was made for me. Here are some of the ingredients (yes, I realize they may have "foreign" names). I'm listing them so that you can understand the combination of new skin-care technology and proven botanical ingredients in Multi-Active Repair.
  • Glyceryl betaine/polyacrylic acid esters, moisturizing ingredient that provides instant dryness relief and efficiently promotes collagen synthesis
  • Diisopropyl dimer dilinoleate, a synthetic ester that functions as a skin-conditioning agent and emollient
  • Ethylhexyl olivate, a natural olive-based emollient
  • Olive fruit
  • Palmitoyl tripeptide-5, a tripeptide that stimulates the skin to activate collagen biosynthesis, stimulating and strengthening the dermis to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Soybean seed extract
  • Blackberry leaf extract
  • Sodium hyaluronate
  • Grapefruit, orange, lime, bergamot, and ginger oils.
There's more, but I think you'll appreciate this partial list. Multi-Active Repair is packed with good stuff for your skin.

I'm sold, and I've only had it a short time. I wanted to tell you about it as Neiman Marcus InCircle starts. You should look for KateCeuticals Multi-Active Repair Lifting & Lineless Cream, along with other Kate Somerville products. This is a good time to buy. There is a Kate Somerville cleanser gift with a purchase of $150.

Photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus


Eileen said...

Every year, for Mother's Day, I make up spa baskets for my gal pals. I buy those little plastic containers that you can get by the bagful and put enough product in each one to do a facial. Each basket includes cleanser, peel, masque, serum, and moisturizer along with a pretty headband, face cloth, hand towel, and scented candle. For the facial products, I always use Kate's and I always get rave reviews. Whenever Kate introduces a new magic potion, I always make sure to include a sample of that as well. Most of my gal pals have had facials before so they can easily replicate the experience at home. By using Kate's products for the spa baskets, I know my friends will enjoy a soothing facial that is representative of the latest in skin care.

Charlestongirl said...

Aren't you a nice friend, Eileen! Your gal pals must adore you. :)

Joolz said...

So, Kate Somerville is a must-try? I'll definitely try this as soon as the Armani Regenessence is used up - which should be soon!
This sounds great!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Joolz, I think so! Kate has something for every skin type too.