Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sirius Skinsonic Sonic Skincare System - The Illuminating Path to Beauty

The Sirius Skinsonic Skincare System ($49) offers more than its competitors and costs less - far less. When the company offered me an opportunity to try one, I jumped at the chance. I have always wanted to try the well-known sonic technology cleanser (ahem), but honestly, I didn't want to spend the money. When I saw what was offered with the Sirius product - for less than I have paid for a single eye shadow palette - I was amazed.

This system comes with five brush heads/applicators! There is a normal brush, sensitive brush, hydration applicator, exfoliation applicator, and massage applicator. Don't think you need to confine that massage applicator to your face and neck. I've been using it on sore muscles. So, what you get is the power of sonic technology to take care of cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and toning - all with a single device that's cute as a button and fits easily, without messy cords, right on my bathroom counter.

Sonic cleansers are more effective than manual cleansing. I have used a Sonicare toothbrush for more years than I can count. It brushes my teeth much more effectively than I can with a manual toothbrush. The same is true for sonic skin care. It sweeps away not only makeup and any debris on the skin's surface, but also dead skin cells that clog our pores and make our skin look dull without regular exfoliation. It stands to reason that clean skin is receptive skin. Moisturizers and treatment products absorb better when there's nothing standing in their way.

You are supposed to use the Skinsonic for one minute twice/day for cleansing that is two times better than you can do on your own, exfoliation that is eight times better, and makeup removal that is six times more effective. It claims fast, noticeable results, and I can tell you it delivers.

When mine arrived last month, I immediately reached for the sensitive brush. I have sensitive, thin skin, and I knew it would be the best brush for me to use. I was right. I cleans without any irritation. Just remember, when using a sonic cleanser, to let it do the work. Don't press the brush head into your skin.

The massage/toning brush head, or attachment, is so cool! I will admit, I'm not using it on face as often as I'm using it on my muscles. I love to dash into the bathroom, get my little buddy, and hold the massage attachment on my tight neck muscles or on a leg muscle that's been "mistreated" at physical therapy. Call me crazy; I think I know what I'm doing. The massage/toning applicator is actually intended to be used on nasolabial folds (which I hate) or slackening skin to increase circulation and improve skin density and volume. It should leave your skin smooth, tight, refreshed, and energized.

The hydration applicator is amazing. It really does "punch" your moisturizer or treatment product into your skin, without pain and suffering. I never dreamed. I have not yet tried the exfoliation applicator because I find the Skinsonic itself a perfect exfoliator. Those who have tougher skin may find the exfoliation more effective than their fingers alone.

You don't need to purchase any special skin-care products to use the Skinsonic. Use the products you prefer. The device uses just two AA batteries, which are plentiful at my house. Whenever they expire, I'll have plenty more at the ready. It sits in a small cradle. I like the way the system feels in my hand. It's lightweight and comfortable - easy to use and easy on my hand and arm, with its sleek ergonomic design.

This little marvel is worth much more than its price. The cost is a fraction of what a Clarisonic will set you back, and it offers more. How can you argue with that? It also comes with a money-back guarantee. If you are not delighted with it, the company will refund your money during a generous 60-day trial period. I think that's a safe offer. Head over to Sirius Beauty to learn more or order.

I'll be chatting about skin care all week long, so please come back. I thought this Skinsonic wonder would be a nice kick-off to my newest things in skin care features.

Photo courtesy of Sirius

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Bonnie C. said...

I have often wondered if these tools, which are similar to the Clarisonic, worked as well or provided similar results. I have seen a couple of different brands that offer this type of sonic cleaner with brush, and so it was great to finally read a review on one, and with positive results to boot! :-) Thanks!