Sunday, April 10, 2011

Exuviance Heel Repair Exfoliating Cream for Feet

With sandal weather on the way, you might want to consider the appearance of your feet. If you're like me, they have calluses. I seldom wear socks and almost never wear shoes around the house; as a result, my feet get tough. Ordinary moisturizers will not soften them. It takes continuous use of an exfoliating product to slough off calluses - it's like trying to crack a coconut. That's where Exuviance Heel Repair ($38) comes to the rescue.

You can exfoliate, soothe, and smooth your crusty feet with Heel Repair. When offered a chance to test the product, I jumped for joy. My joy remains unconstrained.

Heel Repair contains high-strength alpha and polyhydroxy acids (AHAs/PHAs) in an amphoteric formulation to gently, effectively repair dry, scaly, even calloused and cracked feet. Pro-vitamin E and skin conditioning oils instantly soothe and refresh tired feet (mine for sure), leaving feet feeling silky, pedicure-perfect, and sandal-ready. Since it's fragrance-free, it won't interfere with your own choice of fragrance, an extra-added benefit, or annoy you at night.

The directions say to apply Heel Repair once or twice a day. I apply it at night before bed. I have found that the nightly application is enough to soften my callouses. I can't say my feet aren't tougher than my hands. I still have my bad, barefoot habits. I can say they are much-improved since I started using Heel Repair. It's a cool product. Others must like it too because it won a Shecky's Beauty at its Best Award for 2010.

You can find Exuviance Heel Repair at the NeoStrata Web site; SkinStore, where there are frequent site-wide discount specials; DermStore and other online sites; and at Ulta.

Photo courtesy of SkinStore

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