Monday, April 4, 2011

Spa Week: April 11 to 17

Just one week from now, you’ll hear a collective "aaaaaaaahhhh" echo throughout the nation as millions indulge in massages, facials, scrubs, reflexology, mani-pedis, slimming wraps, lash extensions, waxes, sunless tanning, Botox, Velashape, and more - for only $50 a treatment. The most luxurious spa deals of the season have arrived. It's almost Spa Week!

I went last year and had a $100 massage in a location very close to my office. It was divine. I learned that the massage therapist specialized in "broken people." I think I qualified, with a disk out of my back and no cartilage in my knees. Of course, I'm partially bionic now. Then, it was like divine intervention that I was in her hands.

The 14th installation of Spa Week is taking place April 11-17 in more cities than ever before. Nearly a thousand spas nationwide are participating, with each offering 2-3 of their most coveted spa services for just $50 per treatment. These treatments normally range from $75 - $500, so book appointments as soon as possible to get the best reservation(s). Escape for an hour, or make a week of it and try as many different treatments and spas as possible! Browse the $50 Spa Week Directory at Spa Week. This is a deal. Treat yourself if you can.


Soni said...

This is a fantastic idea! It also couldn't be better timed for me. I work for a CPA firm and this week is "crunch time" for us. I definitely plan on making good use of "spa week" to untie my "knots" and release some tension that I gained from some clients that ALWAYS wait 'til the last minute. =(

I LOVE your reference to your "bionic parts". I grew up when the bionic woman and million dollar man were popular tv shows. I love me some Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers! I picture you jumping your fence in pursuit of a runaway Charlie. =)

Enjoy your massages!!

Charlestongirl said...

I'm literally laughing out loud, Soni, as Charlie sits here and screams to go out on the porch. It must be 70 degrees out. It's beautiful! However, with a six-foot fence, I don't think I'm be jumping it if he escapes.

I'm one of those last-minute clients. Even after filing an extension. I hate paperwork, even when my accountant does it!

Hope you have a good Spa Week spa nearby. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Oops...correct that! It's 87 degrees! Wow, from freezing Friday to sweltering Monday.