Wednesday, April 20, 2011

M·A·C Quite Cute Mineralize Blush

Living proof that I'm not an effete makeup snob: I bought more M·A·C products last week. Quite Cute Mineralize Blush ($23) is really quite nice - and cute. I like the little heart. Like most new M·A·C introductions, it's a limited edition. Don't snooze if you want one of these.

Truth be told, I have always liked M·A·C's mineralized makeup. That's why this blush attracted me. I don't go to the M·A·C store or counter very often, so I ordered online. I selected the pink Giggly shade. When you hover over the photo online, it says "Select Giggly to Shop." Sound like me? The other two shades are Miss Behave, shown top left, and Sakura. Maybe the shopping idea got me. I shopped.

Quite Cute is a pretty baby pink, shown at right, sitting atop the jelly beans (for visitors) in my office. Last week, I had very few photo opportunities. When the sun came out, I took what I could get. I hope these April showers bring pretty May flowers!

This Mineralize Blush features two contrasting/complementary tones in one. The heart is baked right into the center. Fans of the Mineralize Blush's sheer wash of color and dimensional pearl finish will love it.

Here is a swatch photo taken in the sun of my office window. I applied the blush with a sponge-tipped applicator extremely heavily to get any swatch photo at all. This pink is extremely light on my skin - and cute. I keep using the word "cute" from the name of the line because it's a darling color. I'm going to keep this blush at work for afternoon touch-ups. It's a light shade that will enhance whatever blush I applied in the morning.

Want a pretty pink for spring without breaking the bank? You might want to check out Giggly or one of the other shades. It's still available online at M·A·C's Web site (amazing, since it's been available for about two weeks), and you should be able to find it at M·A·C counters.

Top photo courtesy of M·A·C


lovethescents said...

Funny you write about MAC today as I just purchased the Gleeful Mineralized blush. It's so lovely. The Giggly looks like it might be too bluish for my yellowy skin. I had a MAC blush once, called Dame, I think? It made me look bruised :-(

Charlestongirl said...

Oh no, Lovethescents! Dame makes you look bruised? Not a nice look. :)

The Rhapsode said...

Love this phrase: "effete makeup snob." Haha. And you have jelly beans in your office? Can I visit you? :-) Also, can't get over the name "Giggly"--I think if I had it, every time I used it I wouldn't exactly giggle but more guffaw. I'm definitely not the giggly type.