Friday, December 2, 2011

Antica Farmacista Champagne Le Parfum

I've been an Antica Farmacista fan for years. I've purchased the diffusers, candles, hand washes, fragrances - you name it. I love it all. Remember how excited I was when I found the gift sets at Costco recently? I hope you took advantage of that limited promotion.

One of my favorite home fragrances from Antica Farmacista is Champagne. Since I love the drinking the "real thing," I knew I'd like to surround myself with the scent at home. The diffuser was inspired by the unique spirit and style of truly exceptional Champagne (I'm there!). It has sparkly top notes of satsuma citrus that are balanced beautifully with subtle floral notes of lily of the valley. Sensuous apricot, nectarine, and passion fruit complement the sweetness of sugared black currant. Mellow accents of sweet vanilla ground the incredibly fresh, effervescent scent of the diffuser (and candles and hand wash, and...).

When I found out the scent had been released as a limited-edition personal fragrance, Le Parfum Champagne ($72) went on my wish list. The lovely ladies at Antica Farmacista made my wish come true. Who thought Cinderella and white doves were only fairy tale characters?

Sometimes, when I receive a lot of new fragrances at a time, I space out trying them, preferring to have many days of pleasure, rather than one huge pleasure fest. That was not the case when Champagne Perfume arrived. I tore into the box as quickly as I could, and I sprayed Champagne on myself immediately. Just as quickly, I was transported to a heavenly place. I'm sure you've experienced the "magnetic arm" phenomenon, when your nose parks on the spot where you sprayed.

Packaged in a gorgeous glass vessel, evoking the sophistication of Antica’s premiere fragrance, Champagne is vibrant, fresh, and zesty. It's effervescent and dazzling. To me, it opens with a burst of sparkling citrus, which it retains as it dries down to reveal a fruity floral base that never loses the electricity of the top notes. The mix of fruits and flowers is unique in this Champagne. I don't have another scent like it.

The most amazing thing about it, after the scent itself, is how long it lasts on my skin. I sprayed it early evening Wednesday and could still smell it clearly the next morning before I showered. Yesterday, I wore it again, and it lasted at least eight hours. The sillage is spectacular. Champagne is a rousing fragrance. Last night, I sprayed it on a friend who has the same reaction I did: love at first whiff.

You can purchase Champagne at Antica Farmacista's Web site and Beautyhabit online. I know Antica Farmacista's products are sold at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Henri Bendel, but I don't know if all the stores carry the perfumes.

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lovethescents said...

I haven't tried this yet but it sounds like something I'd adore for the summer time. Exciting! Thank you for the sumptuous review :-)

Charlestongirl said...

Lovethescents, this Champagne fragrance is so nice! You know I wear "summer" fragrances all year round. This one sparkles!

lovethescents said...

I know you aren't prejudice about scent and season :-) I think that's great! Love the sparkly part.

Daly Beauty said...

Oh my goodness, this sounds lovely. I am a fan of the original YSL Champagne, & the present Yvresse, I wonder how this compares? Bright sparkly perfumes are so perfect for holiday parties! I want this! And the home fragrance!

Wonder how long before they are forced by France's Champagne region to change the name? Although if they have a home line already and no one's radar has gone off....

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Jane,

This scent is nothing like YSL's Champagne. I don't know the Yvresse fragrance. :)

AF has had the name Champagne for the home fragrances for years. Must not be an issue with the region in France. I do wonder, though, about YSL/L'Oreal. :)

This fragrance is really a kick-start. I love its liveliness.

Clarisse said...

Hi Lovescents, hi Charlestongirl!
Don't worry about the name, I doubt the French champagne producers will do something about it: this brand is not known in France whereit's not sold either basically they don't care about the name and Champagne Le Parfum is safe..
It was a different thing with YSL which belonged then to YSL (now it's L'Oreal). Champagne was very popular at the beginning (I even have kept a bottle of the 1rst Champagne which is a rarity now)
The champagne producers started a silly fight which was ridiculous but as they were/are powerful and with Bernard Arnaud among them (owner too of Dior, Guerlain, Givenchy, Kenzo, Sephora, etc...)they were adamant and YSL preferd changing the name.
The perfume was then immensely popular and people kept on buying Yvresse just as much.
Your Champagne Le Parfum seems gorgeous, CG from what you write about it! the perfect party fragrance:-)

Clarisse said...

Euh... sorry Jane (Daly Beauty) I read too quickly and thought it was Lovescents who had asked about YSL my answer was for for you and CG:-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Clarisse!

Thanks for all the info! You have made me want to go re-try the YSL scent.

I don't think consumers would have any trouble differentiating wine from fragrance, so I doubt the Champagne producers could ever prevail in a U.S. court.

DivaDebbi said...

This sounds delish! I so hope my NM carries Antica fragrances so I can smell this.

I also am a YSL Champagne fan! Brings me back to happy times whenever I spray it.