Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Christmas Eve!

When I was a child, we decorated our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. This morning, I thought about all the "traditions" associated with our tree. Inevitably, a cat would climb the tree. That's why my father always wired it to the wall. That tree was not going to topple just because a well-fed cat had the urge to climb!

We had one cat, George, who liked to sleep in the manger. I always arranged the nativity scene below the tree "just so." It lasted a few hours - maybe - until George arrived to place his little head in the barn, figurines scattered everywhere. "Take that wise men and camels! Cats have first dibs!"

Do animals play a part in your Christmas traditions and memories?

I will be "back" later today, after I deliver Christmas presents to my friends.

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Clarisse said...

Happy Christmas Eve too! I usually decorate my Christmas tree on Xmas Eve or the day before (this year) and I shut the cats out when I'm doing it because they want to play with the baubles! Funny enough they just sniff at the tree and stay away when it is ready: they find it too "prickly" I think, they prefer to look at it from the armchairs which is a good thing. The problem is keeping them away from the presents: they are attracted by the ribbons and want to play with them!...I used to have two little dogs and they patiently waited until we finished unpacking our presents and asked for the ribbons to play with them too! They prefered that to the bone-shaped biscuits we gave them so that everybody had a present on Xmas day! I've been lucky to always know Xmas with animals (either my grandparents' or my own)

Charlestongirl said...

That's so cute, Clarisse!

You reminded me of our own cats. We used to pile up the wrapping paper into one big pile, and before my father would take it outside for disposal, we let the cat play. No matter what cat it was (over time), he would stand back, get a running start, and dive into the pile of wrapping paper like it had been saved for him. I can see the joy.

Charlie, my baby now, gets himself into everything. Literally everything. Nothing can be kept from him, unless it's sealed. I've never tested him to see if he would unwrap a present, but I suspect he would if there were catnip in it. :)

Nemo said...

Yes! we always had to wire our trees to the walls to cat-proof them. And once, our most docile, sweet kitty amazed us by climbing up the entire tree, right to the top, and then ensconcing himself on a furry branch while looking down on us with superior cat eyes. Oh, yes. And on Christmas Eve I would insist on going out to the barn at midnight to see if my ponies would talk. Happy memories.

Susan said...

I put the tree up earlier and of course my cat Precious climbed up into the tree and was just hanging out there. She also loves to sit under the tree on the snow my husband has for his train. It is adorable when she does that but climbing the tree... nope! Take care and I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

Charlestongirl said...

Nemo, that's such a hoot. I thought it was just my father's thing. I learned today that my friends, who have often had 27-foot trees, have wired them to the wall. We are all cat lovers!

You were waiting for your ponies to talk? To whinny or actually say, "Merry Christmas, pretty girl!" :)

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Susan. Merry Christmas!

I think it's the same - trains or mangers - they want to be the center of attention. And they are!

Cheers - hug Precious for me. :) Good kitty!

Zanne said...

Merry Christmas Eve, Charleston Girl! This is my first time to comment though I follow your Gorgeous self & blog religiously :) Thanks for being you and doing what you do!


Charlestongirl said...

Thank you so much, Zanne! Merry Christmas! I hope your weekend brings you happiness and joy.