Monday, January 11, 2010

Best Drugstore Beauty: Maybelline Eye Studio Color Pearls Mineralized Eyeshdow Duos

Maybelline's Eye Studio Color Pearls Mineralized Eyeshadow Duos ($6.99 at CVS) are arriving in drugstores. Available in 10 color-coordinated duos, they are serious contenders for your makeup dollars.

Here's the Maybelline introduction to them.

Our advanced baked technology keeps pearls uncrushed for refined luminosity.
  • Seven different pure pigments are swirled together for gorgeous dimensional color.
  • Now, a swirl of pearls makes shadow new again!
These are the most enticing Maybelline eye shadows I have ever bought. You can create so many looks with them. Even at full price, you can buy several, particularly if you are a savvy drugstore shopper and wait for a Maybelline BOGO or other special offer. I like to play with new colors without making an expensive investment at department stores, and drugstore shadows give me an affordable opportunity.

The duos are available in five palettes.
  • Neutrals: Carbon Frost and Silver Starlet
  • Browns/Beiges: Bronze Blowout
  • Pinks/Berries: Mocha Mirage and Sinful Sinnamon
  • Blues/Violets: Lawless Lavendar, Navy Narcissist, and Tantalizing Teal
  • Greens: Khaki Craze and Ivy Icon
There were so many nice choices, I ended up with five of them. So much for moderation! The shadows are shiny and sparkling without any glitter, and they are well-pigmented. You can use them with or without a primer. Without a primer, they provide a sheerer wash of color. The color is a bit more concentrated with a primer.

You can see Maybelline's how-to video at this link if you want some help in deciding how to use the Color Pearls.

The duos shown in my own photos top to bottom here are Silver Starlet, Khaki Crazi, Bronze Blowout, and Tantalizing Teal. Aren't they pretty?

I know that you can find these shadows now at CVS and Target. I'm sure they are or will soon be available at other stores where you purchase Maybelline cosmetics.

Top photo courtesy of Maybelline


Vanessa S said...

Can't wait to try these!!!! Thanks for the heads up!!

Charlestongirl said...

I have a review of the other new shadows from Maybelline coming soon. They are quads - Color Plush. Look for them if you go to the store!

Bonnie C. said...

I see the words "pearls" and "eye shadow" and I get very excited! :-) These reminded me a lot of the baked eye shadow duos from Laura Geller that I've seen sold on QVC, so when I read further that these were baked as well I was doubly excited! :-) Thanks for letting us know these puppies are on their way out to stores. :-) Can they be used wet too?

Charlestongirl said...

Bonnie, I'm off to try one wet. Stay tuned. I'll jump back on after dinner and let you know the results.

Charlestongirl said...

Used wet - gorgeous, intense color!

Bonnie C. said...

Great! :-) Thanks so much for trying that out for me! :-)

Unknown said...

i just got thesae i cant wait to get them they are coming in the mail when i get them i will share with everyone yes i am late i will do a hual too when i get the rest of my stuff check me out