Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sperry Top-Sider Pelican Puddle Jumpers

I try not to stray into fashion at Best Things in Beauty, but now and then I can't resist. So, knowing that this post may send the fashionistas over the edge...

Today, I saw Sperry's Top-Sider Pelican Puddle Jumpers ($68) advertised by Lord & Taylor in the New York Times.

I think these rain/mud/snow boots are darling! They are available in the blue-accented colors shown here, in blue and green or mint plaid, and other colorways. There's even a sedate graphite and kelp boot. As long as you love fun colors on your feet, you'll find a boot to love!

I have to buy these, even if they are pricey for whimsy. Can't resist. I'll wear them to tromp through my garden or visit outdoor antique shows in the rain. I won't even worry about what makeup I wear with them given their distance from my face. Dorky or darling?

Photo courtesy of Sperry


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Unknown said...

these are darling. but after seeing rainboots on a bunch of freshman girls in my college (it was not raining!) i associate this kind of shoes with a certain age category.

Elphie said...

Darling! Enjoy.

Bonnie C. said...

So cute! I love the different prints :-)