Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow Quads

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow Quads ($9.99) round out Maybelline's new eye shadow introductions. These color-coordinated quads are available in 12 color families. There's one for every skin tone, eye color, and look.

These new shadows offer sheer, buildable color and lots of sparkle. The photo at the top right is the truest of the two I took (better light); you can see the sparkle in the Give Me Gold pan. The photo at the bottom is Green with Envy.

The quads are available in five color families.
  • Neutrals: Give Me Gold, Mad for Mauve, Pink Persuasion, Irresistibly Ivy, and Sunset Seduction
  • Browns/Beiges: Copper Chic
  • Pinks/Berries: Taupe Temptress
  • Blues/Violets: Sapphire Siren, Purple Icon, Spirited Seas, and Legendary Lilac
  • Greens: Green with Envy
Most of the colors are sheer and buildable, but with major sparkle - to the point of being glittery. I find their use limited to the eyelid, not the crease or above - for me. Younger women and sparkle lovers can probably get away with sparkle above the lid. I can't. Unfortunately, even with a primer, the Color Plush sparkle ends up in the crease and below my eyes - such as on my cheeks - so I'm not as pleased with these as I am with Maybelline's new Color Pearls Mineralized Eyeshadow Duos. I bought two, and despite their low price, I won't buy more. I just don't have time to keep checking my face and clothing for stray sparkles. I don't think sparkles galore enhance my credibility at work.

You can see and purchase these new Maybelline eye shadow quads at CVS, Target, or wherever you buy Maybelline. Make sure to check out the Eye Studio Color Pearls duos when you look. I love them!

Photos above: top in sunlight, bottom in shade

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Bonnie C. said...

I am a total sparkle girl, so I was excited about that aspect of this product, but my initial impression (even from just looking at the colors and the pictures) was that I wasn't as impressed as I was with the Pearls Duos. Thanks for letting us know about these products! :-)