Thursday, January 28, 2010

Royal Apothic Interior Perfume

Royal Apothic's Interior Perfumes ($25) are a model of elegance. Everything about the spray fragrance is classy - the packaging, the label, the atomizer, the bottle, the fragrance itself. Even the edited descriptions below are enticing.

Not too long ago, I ordered two of these from b~glowing, A Cutting Garden and Venetian Grove. Since they came, I have been spraying with abandon!

A Cutting Garden has notes of tuberose, gardenia, star jasmine, lily, iris, and rose. Behind the walls of Windsor lies a botanical masterpiece whose fruits have graced the vases of royalty for centuries. The magical garden is home to white flowers of an indeterminable number of varieties. Planted originally for the monarchy, the blooms yield their scents year-round, delicately perfuming the air with a court full of scent.

Venetian Grove has notes of currant, orange root, orange blossom, and orange fruit. This one's an orange grove the minute you spray it. Behind a palatial Villa in Santorini, Italy, lies a grove where royalty has been known to frolic for centuries. It is in this magical place where the vines of sweet currant intertwine the roots of orange trees, the fragrance of the blossoms blending with the ripe fruit at its base. If you close your eyes, you can almost see the twinkle of lights and flicker of candles as the masked court takes the floor to dance under the stars.

It is said that if you spray these home fragrances liberally throughout your space (home or office), you will adorn your rooms in heady fragrance and evoke the feeling of passed times. It's true! I spray my office, and the first person who walks in says something like, "Your office smells like a garden!" They think the orchids on my desk are providing the heavenly fragrance. They don't realize that the gorgeous orchids have no scent.

I need to order Topiary too! It must have been made for me, with its notes of ivy, hydrangea, and rose. I have to admit that I have always regarded room sprays as too ephemeral, preferring diffusers or candles. These sprays have converted me. I'm hooked now.

You can purchase Royal Apothic Interior Perfumes at b~glowing. There are candles too. What great gifts they will make - if you can stand to give them away! The presentation is as nice as the blissful product.

Photo courtesy of b~glowing


Unknown said...

Venetian Grove sounds like something I would wear as a perfume :)

Charlestongirl said...

That thought crossed my mind too!