Sunday, January 3, 2010

Giorgio Armani Beauty Spring 2010 Nude Contrasts Palettes for Eyes

Giorgio Armani has introduced gorgeous eye looks for spring! I purchased both palettes; there's no way I could select a favorite. They are both stunning.

The Nude Contrasts Palettes for Eyes ($58) were featured in Giorgio Armani's spring fashion show. Each offers a play on color and contrast to achieve a modern and subtly smoky look.

Top to bottom, palette #1 is composed with light blue, bare bronze, jet black (really charcoal with a hint of brown), and silver. Palette #2 features bare bronze, nude pink, pure red (really charcoal with a hint of brown - I have no idea where Armani got the pure red description - doesn't look red on me), and gold. I am already mixing the two palettes. The combination of the bare bronze from #1 with the gold from #2 is divine. Clearly, the most common use for the darkest shade in each palette will be as a liner or accent color. I cannot see the difference in the two "charcoal" shades when they are used as liners on my eyes.

The mix-and-match possibilities are endless. The light blue dotted at the center of the lid with a bare bronze base on the entire lid is fabulous. I am having a great time - I feel like I am playing with watercolors!

The colors have a flattering subtle shimmer. They are all sheer and buildable, so if you want more oomph, just layer on more pigment.

Even the shiny cases are classy, with their mirrors inside and Giorgio Armani signature on the top. I won't mistake these for the other Armani items in the jumble of my "daily makeup" counter. The palettes share with the Eyes to Kill palettes the challenge of picking up only one of the colors. When you use a liner brush with the charcoal, it's easy. But to pick up the silver or gold, you need to use a very narrow accent brush - a normal eye shadow brush will be too wide.

Right now, you can order the Nude Contrasts for Eyes from the Armani Beauty Web site. I'm hoping that Saks will have them in store soon. I can't wait to see what wonderful combinations Loyd Cassler creates.

When I delayed and didn't buy a second Eyes to Kill palette in #1, I regretted my procrastination. This time, no delays. This is hoarding-worthy makeup.

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Fab Over 40 said...

That's good to know about the red description. It was originally a turn off for me to think it was red, but I couldn't see the red in the palette online. I think sometimes these makeup companies should be more careful in naming colors!

Charlestongirl said...

Hey, Fab,

Remember Rouge Iron Eyes to Kill? It sold out at Saks, but appears to be available at Armani Beauty's Web site. The name and the appearance in the pan were a turn-off. Just to play one day, Loyd put the shadows on me, and they looked good. I was amazed. He said they were particularly gorgeous on dark-skinned beauties.

I didn't know what to think about #2 Nude Contrasts - until it came. It was love!