Friday, January 15, 2010

Giorgio Armani Beauty - New Eye Pencil

A new Giorgio Armani Beauty Eye Pencil ($26) arrived at Saks with the Nude Contrast Collection for Spring 2010. Naturally, I came home with it. I'll be telling you about the rest of my new treats this weekend.

The Eye Pencil is waterproof and changes into a liquid when you touch the pen tip to the skin. The black #1 color is an intense black. Loyd and I decided it's so dark it's almost a blue-black. The Saks computer says a dark blue version is on the way, but it hasn't arrived.

When I went to Saks at Chevy Chase this week, Loyd Cassler applied the pencil in a very thin line, working under my top eyelashes, pushing it onto my lid at the lash base, not into the rim. Before the pencil "dried," I blinked - couldn't help it - so we cleaned up the lower inside rim with quick swipe of a Q-Tip. The liner took less than a minute to dry, and then it became unmovable. The result? My lashes looked incredibly thick, with no appearance of wearing a liner. Too cool!

Of course, you can apply the liner over the top lashes, but be prepared to draw quickly. Once this liner dries, you cannot smudge it. Loyd and I both applied it to our wrists, let it dry, and then tried to wipe it off. Almost no color transferred to the tissue.

The liner is a little hard to remove if you apply it as artfully as Loyd did. It does not wash off completely with makeup remover, but I found that my OCuSOFT Scrub Eyelid Cleanser did a fine job of removing every last trace.

You can purchase this new eyeliner at Armani counters at Saks now. I'm sure the Giorgio Armani Beauty Web site will offer it soon. I like it and can't wait to see the blue color.

Even though I have applied them myself, I was curious to see what mixtures Loyd would cook up for me using the Nude Contrasts Palettes for Eyes. I didn't have a lot of time, so he quickly "did his magic" with palette #1, mixing the light blue and bare bronze on the Armani Eye Shader Brush and applying the mixture to my eye lid. Then, he applied the bare bronze in a sideways "V" onto the outer eyelid and crease, blending so that the colors melted into each other. The shadows and the new liner were all I needed to leave with a whole new look. He's so talented!

Make sure to look for the Nude Contrasts Palettes for Eyes. They are gorgeous.

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