Sunday, January 3, 2010

Guerlain Cherry Blossom Collection for Spring 2010

The Guerlain Cherry Blossom Collection for Spring 2010 is gorgeous - so enticing, so pretty. Guerlain, a brand I used to overlook, has captured my attention for the last few seasons. Now I stalk the counters in anticipation of the new arrivals.

The Cherry Blossom Collection has a lot to love. The Blush Éclat #07 in Cherry Blossom ($49.00), shown below, with its Japonesque pattern of pink and peach umbrellas, was a must-have for me. It adds a subtle pink blush that will be perfect for spring.

The Ombre Éclat 4 Couleurs in #408 Jeu d’Ombrelles ($59.00), shown below the blush in the photo, is a great pick for anyone who can wear pinks and lavenders on the eyes. With the pattern in the shadows, it's almost too pretty to use!

There are gorgeous new lip colors. Among them are 10 new Rouge G de Guerlain Le Brilliant shades ($46), which are housed in the jewel lipstick compact with mirror. The nude, red, pink, and orange shades in four color families are all delicious - lighter and shinier than their predecessors. I just wish those luxurious cases weren't so heavy. But if you want an elegant lipstick to pull out of your bag, these are right up your alley!

What knocked my socks off were the 10 KissKiss Strass ($31) Crystal Shine shades, some of the nicest transparent, shimmering, sparkling, gloss-like lipsticks I have seen in a very long time. They have mother of pearl in them, along with hyaluronic acid microspheres (like little sponges) to maintain optimal hydration. The shades are all irresistible - in Red Gold, Yellow Gold, and Pink Gold families.

I couldn't purchase all of them on the heels of Christmas spending. I selected one, #343 Brun Satin, a beautiful brown-mauve on me. I'm sure I'll go back for more, and I hope they are available. Nordstrom at Tysons Corner had sold out of #343, so I headed down the mall to Bloomingdale's, where the shade was available.

Among the nicest powder compacts around, Guerlain's Météorites Voyage Exceptional Pressed Powder ($170) in #01 Mythic adds a pretty finish to the skin. I was so tempted! I think, though, I would rather have more of the new lip colors.

This collection has something for everyone to love. You can find it at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Saks, or wherever you purchase Guerlain.

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Unknown said...

wow, $170 for a powder? or are we really paying for the packaging? i love the way Guerlain markets its products but the prices are way too high.

Charlestongirl said...

I'll agree - that's expensive powder. The compact adds to the price, I'm sure. That's why I was so delighted when Sephora added a mini Meteorites to one of its sampler sets this fall.

Bonnie C. said...

I have never tried a product by Guerlain before, probably because they are so uber expensive, but oh my these are so gorgeous!!!!! :-) That eye shadow quad is so beautiful! I mean, forget how the product works (though I'm sure they work fabulously, they'd better at those prices:-) they are simply amazing to just look at! I always love when they do patterns/designs with multiple colors in compacts like this, and I've never seen one this intricate. :-) The blush is equally as gorgeous, and after reading your description of the KissKiss items I'm seriously falling in love. The powder looks lovely too! :-) Thanks for another great review!