Sunday, January 17, 2010

Interview with Ramy Gafni - Ramy Beauty Therapy

On Friday, I had the privilege to interview Ramy Gafni. I was a little awestruck going into the conversation, given the fact that he's a world-famous makeup artist and creator of Ramy Beauty Therapy.

Ramy has been featured on all the major television networks and by Today, Rachel Ray, and Bravo. He makes it easy to look pretty, which is why I've used his products for years.

During our conversation, Ramy was genuinely nice, fun, and responsive - putting me at ease instantly - and I know he's creative and exceptionally talented. I loved our session, and I love his products!

I had prepared some questions for Ramy, and as he answered them, I typed. Here's a summary of our conversation, filled with nuggets you can use to look gorgeous. Although I'm fast on a keyboard, I didn't get down every single word Ramy said. In a few places, I have paraphrased his responses to my questions. I also placed links to the products he mentioned into his answers - you can pop off and see them online so that "it will all fit together"!

Question: You are well known for your multi-use products. Did you set out to create multitakers, or did you discover their multiple uses when you tested them?

Ramy: When I was starting the brand, I was on a budget; I couldn’t do 20 shades of blush, six shades of eyeliner, etc. So, as an example, I decided to create one blush that works on 95% of all skin tones. That took the guesswork out of makeup. I found colors that work on everybody – you'll either love them, or you won’t. I found that the multitaskers became best-selling products, and the whole multi-use line evolved. What started out of necessity became a staple of my line.

My philosophy is "Minimum makeup, maximum i
mpact." Ive always been a minimalist, liking makeup that's universally flattering, and I'm drawn to products that do more than one thing.

Question: I love your philosophy that people should notice you, not your makeup. How can we make sure we practice that when we get dressed in the morning?

Ramy: It's all about color section! Choose products that blend into your skin. To create the perfect eye, I love a universal liner and shadow (The Perfect Eye Wand - liner on one end, shadow on the other). Anyone using these shades would be hard-pressed to apply her makeup to draw attention to the makeup because the shades are so neutral. Compared to turquoise, blue, green, and plum liners, the liner in The Perfect Wand is made to look like an extension of the lashes. The shadow creates the effect of shadow, not color. This is one of my most popular products. It works on everybody.

There are moms who take care of everyone in the family, but have little time for themselves. They like Alive! Blush. They can sweep it on their eyes and cheeks and look more polished in two seconds.

Question: I read about Sun Smooched! on your Web site. Many women with fair skin have trouble with bronzers. What advice would you give us to look glowing and natural, not like we are wearing bronzer or had a self-tanning tragedy?

Ramy: Color selection is key. Use the light shade on very fair skin. When in doubt, select medium, which is the most natural and universally flattering shade. It's a great product. The color is terrifying when you put it on the back of your hand. Once blended on the face, though, it's the most natural bronzer on the market. If you only want a light wash of color, you can mix it in your palm with moisturizer and put it on your face and neck. What's nice is that it washes off at end of day - no self-tanning effects. All of the shades are warm-toned. If you use the light shade and find it's too light, you can layer it. Two coats of light equals one coat of medium, and that's true for all of the shades. Just layer them to create a darker glow if you wish. Sun Smooched! is very user friendly - it's transparent. If you are fair, you can just use it as a blush if you don't want to apply it over your entire face.

Question: You say that nothing perks you up like concealer. How can women with tiny fine lines keep concealer from pooling in their expression lines during the day?

Ramy: The key is to make sure you use a moisturizing concealer formula. My Skin Stick concealer is moisturizing. Skin Stick is like an eye moisturizer with a tint. Skin Sticks have Vitamins A, C, E, K, and rose extract in them, so they are a treatment concealer that will lighten under-eye circles and diminish fine lines over time.

Question: I’ve never tried Eye Lift Brows, but it looks interesting. How does it work?

Ramy: The key ingredient is GABA cream, a natural muscle relaxant. People feel it firming and lifting. Try it on one eye and not the other. You will see a dramatic lift where you used it. Eye Lift Brows is a treatment product. It helps prevent further sagging when used regularly.

Editor's note: The key ingredients are centella extract (stimulates collagen), GABA (relaxes skin and softens wrinkle lines), ginseng extract (reduces stress), and portulaca extract (a natural muscle relaxant).

Question: For gals on a tight budget who can only buy one, maybe two, of your products, what would you recommend?

Ramy: Maybe a few choices. I think that even though it's a bit pricey, I'd start with Ultimate Therapy Créme ($95), because it's important to start with beautiful skin. Then I would choose Alive! Blush and The Perfect Eye Wand. Foundation wearers love the Elixir Liqui-Powder Foundation. It dries to a powder finish and creates a flawless finish, even on those suffering with acne.

Question: What are some newer products you're excited about?

Ramy: Pure Juice! Pearl Gloss Highlighter and Sleep In Beauty!, an anti-wrinkle, anti-blemish treatment makeup that's great for women who want to look good all night long. There are two lip products that really pop. Going Commando is a gloss with a liner in the cap. I really love the Not That Into Hue shade, a neutral berry shade with just a hint of shimmer that's perfect for daytime. Another great one is Call Me Red, a red that won't overpower. Going Commando is very moisturizing and conditioning.

Question: You are well-known for your generosity in helping women undergoing cancer treatments feel good and look their best. How did you get started with that?

Ramy: I am a cancer survivor myself. I had cancer 12 years ago and went through chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The pressure to look good, despite the treatments, was intense. I wrote a book for people undergoing cancer treatment, and I teach classes at cancer care clinics. I also offer free makeup lessons for people undergoing treatment. It's my way of giving back, and it gives purpose to what I went through. My experience actually opened a window in my life that prompted me to start my own business, so even though it might not seem so at the time, life's experiences can lead to good things!

After thanking Ramy, I went off and made my must-have list from his line - everything he mentioned (I do have the Pure Juice! Highlighter). I'll be ordering again soon. Ramy's products are exceptionally affordable, and I have first-hand experience that they are fabulous. If you want to look good and feel good with minimal fuss and cost, head over to his Web site. You'll be glad you did!

Make sure to sign up for his e-mails; he has lots of specials - you won't want to miss them.

Photos courtesy of Ramy Beauty Therapy


Karen said...

Now I'm lusting after Alive Blush!

Charlestongirl said...

Me too, Karen. It's on my must-have list.

Marley's Mom said...

Hey, C-girl! Really cool interview!

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, Marley's Mom! Ramy had such good information - I could have asked questions for hours.

Would be fun to schedule a personal consultation at his spa!