Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lisa Hoffman Spa Bath Collection

I spent Sunday with Lisa Hoffman - sort of. I think it would be great fun to hang out with Lisa, but I got the next best thing - a Lisa Hoffman Spa Bath treatment.

I love my weekend baths. They are my relaxing retreat from the work week and my way to banish anxiety. It was with great anticipation that I used Lisa Hoffman's Spa Bath Treatment Packette ($9.95), a set of five numbered, resealable ampules - a complete bath-care regimen - as easy as one through five.

Lisa Hoffman Beauty had sent me this set to try. I wish I had had such a luxurious spa experience when I was traveling twice a week for work. Those nights in the hotel could have been a lot more pleasant. The packette set is as perfect for travel as it gets! It's light in weight and small in footprint, so you can tuck it away in your luggage with no fear that the securely sealed packettes will leak.

The Lisa Hoffman Spa Bath Soak ($37 for the full-sized Spa Bath product) turned my bath water into an oasis. As I poured the contents of the ampule into my running bath water, I was instantly refreshed by a clean, fresh fragrance that I later learned has notes of jasmine, orange, and bergamot. I love anything orange and jasmine! As I immersed myself in the warm water, I was wowed by how deliciously scented and perfectly frothy the Bath Soak had made it. Within seconds, I realized my bath water was softening too.

There must a lot of other Bath Soak fans because Allure awarded it a Best of Beauty Award in 2008 and 2009. I relaxed in my bath for about 10 minutes before I got motivated to move on to the next treatment! My furry friend, who likes to sit on the edge of the tub when I bathe, left during my long soak. I guess he decided he couldn't guard me for the duration!

Next up in my personal spa bath treatment was Lisa Hoffman Spa Body Wash ($27.50). Scented with the same revitalizing fragrance, the Body Wash is a creamy, thick, and highly moisturizing cleanser that leaves skin clean, smooth, and hydrated. The Body Wash is created with natural ingredients that are harvested from rain forests in a sustainable manner - which made me feel good in two ways. The ingredients nourished and moisturized my skin, leaving it super-soft and smelling great. The idea of a sustainable harvest appealed to my desire to save the earth!

As if it couldn't get better, it did! I scrubbed off my dry, flaky winter skin with Lisa Hoffman Spa Body
Polisher ($40). The crushed bamboo actually felt good, which is more than you can say for many scrubs. When I finished scrubbing my legs, arms, feet, and chest, I had noticeably smoother skin. Impressive!

After lingering in my divine bath for just a few more minutes, I climbed out and slathered my body with Lisa Hoffman Spa Body Cream ($52). Once again, I was treated to the lush fragrance of jasmine, orange, and bergamot. The lightweight cream, rich with botanicals such as orchid flower extract, honey extract, and star fruit extract, made me soft and comfy. The Body Cream is nourishing, protective, and moisturizing. While my body felt smooth after using the Body Polisher during my bath, it felt like baby's skin after I applied the Body Cream.

My last spa bath treatment may have been the most surprising. I massaged Lisa Hoffman Spa Hand and Foot Butter ($35.50)
into my poor, extremely dry feet. The self-massage with the rich, shea butter-based cream made my feet feel loved. Shea butter and other botanicals moisturize and soften, while acai and grape seed oil supply antioxidant protection to feet and hands. The Hand and Foot Butter is ideal for banishing callouses and flaky skin. The butter was so rich, I didn't want to lose a second of its healing effects, so I put on a pair of white cotton socks to hold the cream onto my feet. I wore them until bed (about eight hours), and when I removed the socks, my feet were more hydrated than they had been since summer. They were soft and happy feet! So I massaged more Hand and Foot Butter into my feet (and hands too) before I tucked in for the night.

I don't want my feet to smell like Altoids - I want them to smell good! As the 20-somethings would say, "Lisa Hoffman's Hand and Foot Butter is the bomb!" When I went to sleep with my feet and hands wrapped in Lisa's fragrance, my mind wandered to flower-laden, warmer climes, and I relaxed.

My "Lisa Hoffman Day" was heavenly. We all deserve to be pampered, but we don't always take the time or spend the money to go to a spa. You can have your own spa treatment at home for only $9.95 with the Spa Bath Packette. Now that I've experienced the instant effectiveness of Lisa Hoffman's products, I'll be investing in the full sizes of each. I work hard; I deserve it!

Just one more thing: A portion of Lisa Hoffman's sales are donated to The Rainforest Foundation. I like that!

You can find Lisa Hoffman's Spa Collection at Lisa Hoffman's Web site and other online sources. Just Google Lisa Hoffman! You'll be happy you did.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Hoffman


Fab Over 40 said...

I love Lisa Hoffman Beauty products! For me, I especially love the Spa Shower collection - so luxurious and easy to use when showering that you smell and feel like you had the long spa bath.

Charlestongirl said...

I will have to get the shower collection! I shower weekdays when I just don't have the time for a leisurely bath. :)

I love these products too, Fab!

Marley's Mom said...

Great review!!! I'm sold.