Monday, January 18, 2010

Giorgio Armani Beauty - Lip Shimmers for Spring 2010

Giorgio Armani Beauty has introduced three new Lip Shimmers ($26) for its Spring 2010 collection, and they are all beautiful, light, spring-like colors that will add a pretty sheen to your lips. I was able to find all three at Saks Fifth Avenue in Chevy Chase, Maryland last week.

The Three New Shades in the Lip Shimmer Lineup
  • #62 Milky Beige
  • #63 Maxima Ring
  • #64 Coral Champagne
The color choices show that the nude lip continues to be the "in look." Last night's Golden Globes show did nothing to dispel that notion, as many beautiful women appeared with subtly smokey eyes and nude or light lips.

I love my Lip Shimmers! They "embellish lips" with an shimmering, translucent gloss and subtle color. The brush applicator is easy to use to paint your lips or just place just a little pop in the center. The gloss feels good - nice and emollient - probably because of its most concentrated ingredients.

If you live in the DC area and are interested in an Armani Beauty event, there is one planned for Friday, January 29. One of Armani's national face designers will be at the Saks Chevy Chase, Maryland store all day. You can call the Armani Beauty Team at Saks at (240) 497-5206 to make an appointment for the event. What a fun way to see the new spring colors!

These colors are not on the Armani Web site today, but should be available soon. For now, you can select them at Saks, or give the Armani Beauty Team a call at the phone number above. They would be happy to ship to you.

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