Monday, January 18, 2010

My Take on the Golden Globes 2010 Beauties

I'm not a star gazer, but I do love to watch the Golden Globes to see how everyone looks. Last night's show did not disappoint - for stunning looks and a few misses (the ones that always make you wonder, "Was it the stylist or the star?").

There was an unfortunate rain that really tested the mettle of the stars, their hair stylists, and makeup artists - not to mention their dresses. The umbrella joined red ribbons (to remember Haiti) as the fashion accessory on the red carpet.

Let's start with class - inside and out. Meryl Streep, one of the greatest actors of all time, looked gorgeous (the red lips were great). Beyond looks, her acceptance speech was so touching - and real! She didn't just wear a ribbon to show her support for the Haitian people, she wove it into a heartwarming remembrance of her mother. She's a beautiful person, inside and out.

I loved Kate Hudson's look - except for the platform shoes. She dazzled in architectural white by Marchesa. Her pearl and diamond tassel earrings by Stephen Russell were perfect for her upswept hair, and her frosty peachy pink lips and cheeks were natural and pretty.

Sandra Bullock's hair style was really flattering - swept back, but not severely, with a few tendrils hanging to make it look soft and casual. She looked radiant. The color of her Bottega Venetta dress was fabulous (there was a lot of purple and lavender last night). I'm not sure I loved the dress itself, but the color looked great on her.

Marion Cotillard epitomized French chic, with her gorgeous dark forest green (with a touch of teal?) Christian Dior gown emphasizing her blue eyes. She was seriously glamorous.

Glenn Close in a black sequined Oscar de la Renta gown was living proof that age doesn't matter. She dazzled.

There were so many other women whose stunning appearance merited a mention - Jennifer Garner (in Versace), Jennifer Aniston (in Valentino and showing major leg!), Penelope Cruz (in Giorgio Armani Prive), and Emily Blunt (in Dolce & Gabbana), to name just a few. One more celebrity I have to mention is Christina Aguilera, who looked truly pretty - loved her restrained look and short bob.

OK - not meant to be snarky, but here were the misses, including one celebrity's behavior.

Chloe Sevigny - she was too into herself! She looked fine in her ruffled lilac Valentino gown, but her behavior was unforgivable. On the red carpet, she complained about the survival of the dress. Once onstage to accept her award, after the poor guy who helped her up the stairs accidently stepped on her ruffles or train, she looked upset, and in a miffy tone told the audience that he had just stepped on her dress. Oh for God's sake! Get a grip, girl. Wear a dress like that, someone is likely to step on it. Learn to be gracious and accept that accidents happen. Don't blame "the little people." Apparently, it wasn't her dress anyhow.

Mariah Carey, with her golden globes on display (as usual), looked vulgar. I don't know about you, but I'm tired of the in-your-face exhibitionism. She's a beautiful woman. She doesn't need the globes to get attention.

I love Tina Fey, but that Zac Posen dress? In my humble opinion...hideous!

Back to the wins! On the guy side? Tom Ford! Wow, was he handsome - and well dressed! Hands down my favorite male attendee. But who doesn't like looking at Paul McCartney?

Photo of Meryl Streep courtesy of Kevin Winter/Getty Images and
Photo of Kate Hudson courtesy of Merritt/Getty
Photo of Marion Cotillard courtesy of Jason Merritt/Getty and InStyle


Unknown said...

I didnt watch the awards but i always check online photos and makeup breakdown where possible. I loved Marion Cotillard's look and dress the most- she just looked lovely and yes, very French ;)
Wow, I had no idea of the dress drama - Chloe Sevigny is not even a first-rate actress (in my mind). What's with the drama? I saw many photos of actresses and their dresses wet and they still managed to smile and be happy!

Charlestongirl said...

There's a lot of information on makeup artists and designers whose creations were featured/worn last night. I didn't want to repeat it all. Fabulous Over Forty has the Lancome beauties. Bobbi Brown did Gabourney Sidibe. Leslie Lopez did Kate Hudson. Lots more online! Fun to read.

I was only vaguely aware of Ms. Sevigny before last night. Now, she is on my spoiled brat list. Hope you can see a replay of her tantrum! Maybe Access Hollywood?

Fab Over 40 said...

I agree with your picks and pans. I liked Kate Hudson's dress and thought the "architecture" of it looked amazing - but I felt she looked a little stiff in it.
Agree about Chloe - get over yourself girl!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Ms. Chloe was not the only ingrate. How about Steve Carell? Did he look a bit out of sorts and like a sore loser?

Irish Lass

Charlestongirl said...

Hey, ladies! Make sure to go back to Fabulous Over Forty. Kari added some more makeup overviews. You can read about the products the makeup artists used.

Wasn't Courtney Cox a stunner? Not that she isn't beautiful without makeup, but that eye look was gorgeous on her.

Fab, I don't think Kate looked stiff - her dress did by design! She looked loose and lively - as always. :) Darling girl Goldie had!