Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shu Uemura Égérie Satin Radiant Sticks for Spring 2010

Égérie..."a rebellious and daring spirit who never loses her sense of elegance and sophistication." Shu Uemura's Spring 2010 collection is inspired by rock 'n roll. Flashy, glimmering shine is complemented with delicate satin-sheen finishes to transport you to the spotlight of the captivating rock stage.

I would have gladly jumped onstage with the Beatles at their first U.S. live appearance at the old Uline Arena in Washington, D.C. I was so starstruck that night! John, Paul, George, and Ringo stole my heart and kept it. Who hasn't imagined themselves onstage with their idols?

Did the rock 'n roll theme attract me to the Shu Uemura makeup? Not really - maybe I'm too old! I'm not much of a rebel, and I'm more interested in cool makeup than rock music! The makeup reeled me in.

When I first saw the new Shu Uemura collection online, I was immediately attracted to the Égérie Satin Radiant Sticks ($40), two stick-style blusher-highlighters with a soft, creamy texture for the cheeks. Shu Uemura promised a delicate satin veil for my face. Sold! Then I read about the tiny particles of pearls that would add a satin-shimmery finish. I ordered them sight unseen - Translucent for highlighting and Blush, a peachy-pink blusher.

When my Shu Uemura order arrived, I tore into the box with glee! There's something about stick products that I can't resist - maybe because I have so many great ones, like Ramy's Multiples! for Eyes, Cheeks, and Lips; NARS The Multiple; or Bobbi Brown's Sheer Color Cheek Tints.

Do I love the new Satin Radiant Sticks too? Yep! Like most stick products, you do have to blend them after application. It's not really swipe and go. You can blend with your fingers or a foundation brush - they both work. I use my fingers with the Satin Radiant Sticks. The Translucent one is truly colorless. It leaves a sheer, subtle shine wherever you use it. This is a really versatile product. I may even throw it in my overburdened makeup bag. Blush is a fabulous peachy-pink color. It's a shade that's going to appeal to a lot of you. Even the containers are attractive, with their silver, pink, and white design.

The ingredients are fascinating! The first ingredient, always the most highly concentrated, is dimethicone, a silicone-based polymer that gives a soft, velvety glide to skin products. Because it stays on the surface of the skin, dimethicone provides a protective barrier. It's an excellent ingredient for someone whose skin barrier is challenged, such as someone with rosacea whose epidermis is thin and needs added protection or someone with dry skin. Dimethicone helps prevent transdermal water loss. Another ingredient is canola oil, which is moisturizing. In short, the sticks have good slip, and they are protective and moisturizing. They rock!

You can see the collection and the rock 'n roll looks created for it at Shu Uemura's Web site or wherever you normally check out the line. Today (literally), you can receive free shipping with the purchase of any Égérie product at Shu Uemura. Registered members always get free shipping and a deluxe sample with a purchase of $50 or more.

Photos courtesy of Shu Uemura


Bonnie C. said...

Thanks for this review! I haven't really gotten into using multi-purpose sticks too much yet myself, but if I ever do it's good to know there are some great ones out there! :-) The "rock" advertising didn't really appeal to me either, and I'm in my mid-twenties, so I don't think it's an age thing. :-) And I can totally relate with you, any time I get something in the mail I get giddy with excitement and can't wait to see what is inside! :-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi, Bonnie, and thanks!

Glad to hear it's not my age!

That UPS guy sure makes me happy.