Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Botanicus - The Evolution of Fragrance

Botanicus is a splendid company that was founded in 1982 and is located in Rockville, Maryland - so they are neighbors! Botanicus offers notable, botanically accurate fragrances composed with complex scents and essential oils to decorate your home and body with beautiful fragrance.

I have an old Jasmine Perfume Oil from Botanicus. I'm not even sure where I bought it. It's a concentrated and pure essence of jasmine blossoms. I can't find that perfume oil available now, and I'm not sure whether it was "born" to go on my body or a lamp ring diffuser (a wonderful device that turns an incandescent light bulb into a source of olfactory delight - reminds me of a light in the dark attracting insects - only it's a light in a home attracting people).

No matter that pure Jasmine is history because they offer Night Jasmine and many other heavenly fragrances, including a personal favorite, Guava.

Guava, a complex apricot, wild strawberry, honeydew, banana, passion fruit, and cyclamen aroma, can be purchased in a Three-Soap Set ($13) that will leave you certain you have spent time in an orchard! Guava is also available in other products available from Botanicus, including its Candle Jars ($23) and Room Sprays ($11).

You can find Botanicus online. Read about their other fragrances at this link. Imagine Champagne, Fig, Clementine, Lavender, Lemongrass, and Red Fruit - can you smell them as you read?

You can also find their products at Amazon, Bloomingdale's, and Uncommon Scents (where there's a 15% discount sale on Botanicus!). The Botanicus price points are appealing - great quality at a great price!

Photo courtesy of Botanicus

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