Friday, March 19, 2010

NYAKIO Kiwi Aloe Oil-Based Body Wash

NYAKIO Oil-Based Body Wash (anywhere from $16 to $25) is a foaming oil-based cleanser enriched with glycerin, fruit extracts, vitamin C, and essential oils that protect against dryness. And it's fabulous. Naturally, it cleans my body. So do a bazillion other body washes. It moisturizes too. It's the fragrance that makes this one an indispensable item in my shower - clean and citrusy (like limes?).

Do you know about NYAKIO? The company has an African heritage.

Nyakio Kamoche, a first generation American, developed NYAKIO from family beauty secrets passed down through her Kenyan heritage. NYAKIO is a bath and body line that helps to enrich, maintain, and invigorate the mind and body through skin therapy. The nutrients used by NYAKIO are derived from natural ingredients, such as grapefruit, soy, kiwi, coffee, papaya, avocados, and shea butter, which have been widely recognized for their healing and preservation qualities. Time has tested NYAKIO's benefits through generations of use by people from the cradle of civilization, Africa. One only has to look at the soft glow and healthy skin of people from this part of the world for proof of the success of these methods. Nyakio has developed her line of products as a tribute to her family and heritage, as well as to share the secrets of a time tested skin-care regimen to all people of all races.

I love this company's products. The fragrances are divine and enticing. Each has an unexpected twist. In addition to the body wash, I have been using their fragrance diffusers in my home for a couple of years. I purchase NYAKIO products at Art with Flowers in the Tysons Galleria. There's a store locator at the NYAKIO Web site. Find out where you can go smell!

NYAKIO asks that you please recycle. Love them!

Photo courtesy of NYAKIO


Pink Honey Chick said...

where can i buy nyakio? i cant seem to find them anymore?

Charlestongirl said...

Let me double-check today. I think you can still buy it from Art with Flowers. I will post a comment again this evening with the info you need.