Monday, March 15, 2010

Guerlain Terracotta Collection 2010

While shopping at Bloomindale's Saturday, I ran into an unexpected treat - a new Guerlain Terracotta Collection. I stopped, sampled, and came away with a few exciting new items. My favorite Guerlain rep wasn't working, so I didn't buy everything that tempted me. We need to talk about additional selections!

Terracotta has always been about the bronze goddess look. Guerlain's makeup has become a hot number during the last few years, and the Terracotta items are uber-popular. The Guerlain Terracotta Collection 2010 will have you gals wanting to spring forward straight to summer!

Let's set the tone with [edited] marketing buzz to put us in the mood (if that gorgeous look photo didn't do it).

In the beginning, there was the earth...this warm earth, scorched brown, cracked and sandy ochre reminiscent of the desert with vast areas caressed by waves of light. This primeval earth, the light, and enigmatic colors have inspired the most mythical of bronzing powders: Terracotta, a legend characterized by an instant, natural, and healthy glow, and simple application. Terracotta was launched in 1984 and was destined to enhance beauty all year long - a unique product for a healthy sun-kissed complexion.

Can you feel it yet? Knowing the "legend," I was excited to see the new colors! Let's start with the Terracotta Moisturizing Sun Shimmer Gloss SPF 15 ($30). Light and creamy, comfortable, delicious, and not sticy, this gloss has an ideal texture for lips exposed to the sun’s rays. At the heart of this comforting formula, marula oil moisturizes and regenerates, while an antioxidant complex and SPF 15 shield the lips. Specially developed to enhance your tan, the Terracotta Gloss colors are a concentrate of sparkle and radiance. The gloss is available in six shades created to revitalize your tan (let's hope it's fake, ladies), while providing warmth and light. The shades are 01 SABLE,, 02 SIERRA 03 GRENADE, 04 AMBRE, 05 SANTAL, and 06 ÉBÈNE. They are all gorgeous. I played the "You can only have one" game with myself and selected 06 ÉBÈNE. It's a mauve-rose, the darkest of the group, and it's beautiful - even without a tan.

Terracotta Eye Shadow and Liner ($35), my second selection, is an elegant retractable metallic pen, with its brown and gold design enclosing a fine, silky eye potion. Slightly creamy with perfect glide, this eye shadow glows ans smoothes with light. Its incredibly fine mother-of-pearl particles decorate the eyes with soft metallic sparkles. It's available in two limited-edition shade, 01 GOLD RUSH and 02 SMOKY METAL. I choose 02 SMOKY METAL, even though I would love to have had both. It has a deeper gold color, and I think it will be a nice complement to the gold shadows I already have.

My third selection was Terracotta Light Summer Bronzing Powder 01 in Blondes Hâlées ($50). This popular iridescent bronzing powder has been reinvented for summer 2010 with intensely concentrated particles of mother-of-pearl to enhance already golden complexions or warm fair ones. Copper and various nude shades join glints of pink in a five-shade mosaic that adds an attractive, sunny glow to fair and medium skin. The first two shades intensify it, the next two warm it up, while the last one adds a final touch of light! There is a darker shade, 02 Brunettes Hâlées for those with darker skin.

This is beautiful makeup! There are more noteworthy items in the collection. I'll tell you about them later. Some KissKiss Maxi Shine reached out and grabbed me too.

You can find the Terracotta Collection 2010 now at Bloomingdale's. I'm sure it will be at Saks and Nordstrom soon - if it's not already. This collection is worth a trip to the mall!

Photos courtesy of Guerlain and Bloomingdale's


Unknown said...

Guerlain has the prettiest makeup as usual :)love the creative packaging as well

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anna,

I want more! Need to go over to Saks tomorrow at lunch time and "invest."

Unknown said...

well our Saks sucks majorly- never saw any Guerlain there. I can only appreciate these items from computer screen- which at least prevents me from buying compulsively :)