Thursday, March 11, 2010

Skin Care for Soldiers - How You Can Help

DC-area company Skincando has a campaign to provide its Combat-Ready Balm to 5,000 soldiers by April 1. You can help. We should all help. Here's why and how.

Sara Damelio, creator of Skincando Combat-Ready Balm ($5 to $60, depending on size) and Combat-Ready Lip Balm ($10), has been providing these products to service members stationed in the Middle East - her way of showing them she cares - for over three years. The feedback she has received has been especially moving. It is the only cream our soldiers have used that has relieved the burning and itching from the sand flea bites that plague members of the armed forces stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. SSG Michael McCoy, Scorpion Task Force, said, "Combat-Ready Balm is amazing. It really is a necessity out here."

Combat-Ready Balm is a concentrated skin salve that rapidly relieves damaged and inflamed skin, severe dryness, minor abrasions, shaving burn, diaper rash, scars, bug bites, and sand and wind burn. More about Sara's products below.

You can help Sara meet her goal by donating a discounted price of $12.50 for a jar of balm or $5 for a lip balm on her Web site, Skincando. She will take care of the shipping. With every donated jar, Sara will send the soldiers a thank-you note and mention that the gift is from you! You can even provide the name and address of a specific service member, and Sara will ship the product to them. Is this cool or what? I will be donating tonight. I hope you will join me. I've donated books before through Amazon, but this beauty/health-related cause really moves me.

Sometime this month, Sara will be personally handing soldiers their own jars as they ship out at BWI Airport. She's a saint!

Here is why you might want to buy some of Sara's products for yourself while you are making a donation. Eight years of research focused on healing and protecting the skin naturally led to the development of Skincando. The products are made by hand in very small batches to ensure superior quality. The highest quality organic and wild-crafted ingredients are used because Sara believes that what you put on your skin affects your health. Skincando is an earth-friendly company that uses non-toxic cleaning agents, uses recycled materials, and recycles. Check out this link for the ingredients in Skincando products.

You can buy Sara's Combat-Ready products at her Web site, where I know you will go to make a donation, or at these sources. Let's support Operation Sand Flea!

Photo courtesy of Skincando


Anonymous said...

Sara D'Amelio has had beauty in her soul and in her esthetic art since she was a youngster - when i met her over 13 years ago at a beauty boutique in Georgetown. She encouraged me to embrace my love of beauty by indulging my wish to be an esthetician.
She has always remained true to her craft and to her ethic - and I am proud to support Skincando and Combat-Ready balm for the troops. Not only is the balm a remedy for what ails our soldiers in harsh climates, it is also a wondrous natural, unique, home-made and precious unguent that is great not only for burns, abrasions and insect bites ,but also for delicate childrens' skin and those of us suffering from rosacea.
The lip balm is amazing as well - lasts forever, and works better than any lip balm i've ever had. I will tell you this - when you use a Skincando product, you are utilizing not just the matter, but the faith, love and effort that goes in to that product, not a faceless corporation. This is what beauty should be about.

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for the information about Sara. I am so impressed with her and the good she does!