Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss

When I saw the new Maybelline display at CVS, I was attracted to the pretty colors - like a moth to light. So many of the Shine Sensational Lip Gloss ($5.99) colors looked luscious.

There was a hint on the display that the glosses might be flavored, and I don't like flavored glosses. But I rolled the dice and bought one - the darkest color, #60 Berry Dazzle. Not all flavored glosses are alike, I reasoned, and perhaps this one had a subtle flavor. The Berry Dazzle color in the tube looked gorgeous - a deep berry that appeared to have a lot of pigment. My thinking was that I could keep the gloss in my purse or car and use it for quick color touch-ups.

Here's what Maybelline has to say about Shine Sensational.

More Shine. More Luscious. More Yum.
  • Luscious shine, delectable feel
  • Comfortable, non-sticky, moisturizing high-shine formula.
  • Comes in 18 different enticing flavors and fragrances.
Here's my description of this gloss.
  • The flavor is overpowering. It's not a simple side note or a transitory annoyance. It's like having bubble gum stuck to your lips.
  • It's sticky. Heavy and sticky. Speaking of that moth, if he flew by, he might stick.
  • There is almost no pigment in it. Remember, I bought the darkest color. It looks clear on my lips. Why have 18 colors when they all look clear? See the model in this ad? There is no way she is wearing only Shine Sensational on her lips.
  • It is very shiny, but so are a bazillion other glosses.
I had hoped this new gloss might be a Best Drugstore Beauty candidate. It's not. I don't usually bother to write about slam-worthy products, but I feel it's my civic duty to warn you. Don't waste your money.

Update 3/25: Kathy had a good idea. This gloss is perfect for pre-teens. Find a BOGO, and you have party favors for those little girls who beg to use makeup, but are really too young.

Photos courtesy of Maybelline, which makes some of the best mascara I use


KathyT said...

Thanks for the warning! I saw that display too, and it looked so inviting. I have a high tolerance for flavored lipgloss because of my daughters (11 and 5), but I do not like sticky. It actually sounds like these glosses might be good for the girls to have for makeovers.

I am enjoying your blog so much, but it is not good for my pocketbook!

Charlestongirl said...

LOL, Kathy! It's not good for my pocketbook either.

Thank you!

DivaDebbi said...

Thank you my Dear! I nearly caved, but had a gut instinct that we working with a high sticky quotient, which I hate in a lipgloss. I know there new lipstick line has been well reviewed, but I found it too heavily perfumed. Kathy, did you end up trying Maybelline New York's new eyeliner gel? It was sold out in 3 CVS! I ended up going back to an old fave Bobbi Brown's, but I have high hopes... $9.99 sounds good to me!


Charlestongirl said...

Hey Kathy and Debbi,

What color of the gel do you want? They are not sold out here. I can pick one up for you. I will be your personal shopper.

Hope you have a nice weekend!

DivaDebbi said...

Charleston Girl you are so sweet! That's my day job btw, which I love!
I probably would only use the black, and my BB should last a really long time, but I appreciate the offer! It has got a ton of praise...have you tried it yet?


Charlestongirl said...


I haven't, but I guess I should simply to review it. I have so many of the Bobbi Brown gel liners, it seemed "extravagant" to buy the new Maybelline ones.

I'll go check them out at CVS later today (I do have Extra Bucks to spend). My CVS is a bit of a sleeper with the beauty crowd, which is probably why they are still there. :)


ananya said...

this thing sucks! i bought Perfect Pink shade! n trust me there wsnt a bit of pink in it! its a totaly waste of money